Diana Arbenina: Rock-n-roll means youth

On February 27 a creative meeting with Diana Arbenina, the famous Russian rock-singer took place in Orel. The singer arrived in our city with the charity project the aim of which is to help young talented musicians and present her new album “Only lovers will survive” as well. 

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The Night Snipers: It is rock-n-roll and that says it all

On February 22 the signing session of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers took place at “Moscow” bookstore. The release of the band’s 13th studio album “Only lovers will survive” became the main reason to hold this meeting.

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Hit the target

Lipetsk is one of the first cities of the country that has already witnessed new concert programme of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers rock-band. On the stage of the regional Center of culture, folk art and cinema the musicians presented the songs from the newly released album “Only lovers will survive”.

The Night Snipers go to America

Yesterday The Night Snipers played the first concert of the tour, devoted to "Only lovers will survive". Diana Arbenina shared with the readers of NNS her impressions of the concert, having visited the program "Backstage" on Nashe Radio.

City oddballs: Diana Arbenina

“Only lovers will survive” is a title of the 11th album of The Night Snipers band. We have talked about the album, love and places of inspiration with an incredible Diana Arbenina.

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Grymov: I went back to the good old days to blow up the internet with Arbenina’s music video

The new music video of Diana Arbenina, directed by Yuri Grymov, will be premiered in a couple of weeks. The previous day the director and producer Yuri Grymov presented Diana Arbenina with “Chartova Duzhina” (Russian music award) in the nomination “The Soloist”.

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Diana Arbenina: “Chartova Duzhina” has shown what I have accomplished this year

The victory in “Chartova Duzhina” gives an opportunity to understand what you have achieved over the year. These words have been said by Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, after winning the award in the nomination “The Soloist” and nomination “For Charity” in the interview with the correspondent of NNS.

“Only lovers will survive”: Alexei Mazhaev’s review

Diana Arbenina in life and songs is one and the same person, no acting, no stage images. It was not only a slogan, filled with youth all-or-nothing thinking but a real attitude to life when she was talking about “daringness and burningness” of “The Snipers’” way of life many years ago. 

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Diana Arbenina: Those, who forbade my concerts, attend them now

The leader of The Night Snipers had two presentations two days apart. Diana Arbenina had answered Sobesednik.ru correspondent’s questions before the performing on the stage of one of the clubs not far from the Kremlin.

Diana Arbenina: “If you have everything, except love, you have nothing”

The popular Russian singer, rock legend Diana Arbenina told about her new album and not only in the interview with “Mir 24” TV channel.

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The new album of The Night Snipers is on the iTunes Russian chart

"Only lovers will survive", the new album of The Night Snipers started with the third position on the iTunes Russian chart. On February 8 the album reached the first place on iTunes chart.

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Diana Arbenina: You are alive only when you are enamoured of someone

A terrific musician, poet and the leading rock singer of the country Diana Arbenina, who has told us about her band, about the difficult role of mother, about how important it is to love and do your work, is a guest of “Mir 24” today.

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Diana Arbenina: “My heart is my only adviser”

“This is the boldest and the coolest album about love of mine”, - says Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, commenting on the release of “Only lovers will survive” album. In anticipation of the premiere 41-year-old rock singer and the mother of five-year old twins told us about her mindless expenditures and culinary skills.