Diana Arbenina will become the headliner of the first day of Nashestvie-2016 festival

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers band will become the headliners of the first day of the all-Russian music festivalNashestvie-2016 which will take place on July 8-10 in Tver region. This was communicated to the reporter of TASS by the press-attaché of the festival Elena Petryakova.

Arbenina showed acoustic striptease

"Definitely go to an acoustic concert by Diana, suggested my acquaintances, Arbenina fans, it is a very intriguing act. She strips there..." "What do you mean?", I was quite taken aback. " Just go!", fans of the rock lady Di were quite persistent. 

Diana Arbenina: A song can even be written on a napkin at a restaurant

Always full of ideas, plans, plots; this description can perfectly fit Diana Arbenina. Just recently, she has presented a new album "Only lovers will survive"... Says she feels absolutely young after the release of that album. That is quite understandable as the album is so subtle and revealing, both with the feelings comprising it, and the outside visual shell.

Diana Arbenina in Moscow: the Moscow State Variety Theatre

Second day of the summer. It is eight o'clock in the evening in Moscow. Moscow State Variety Theatre. The hall starts getting filled with such different people, though similar in one aspect; each and every one of them came to a big acoustic concert of Diana Arbenina, an artist, a poet and the lead singer of The Night Snipers band.

Diana Arbenina presented a big acoustic concert in Moscow

A big acoustic concert presented by Diana Arbenina on June 2nd on the stage of the Moscow State Variety Theatre lasted more than three hours. The first part of the concert mostly consisted of poems and narratives, written and read by Diana herself. 

To become the last one, I have to be the first one

And exactly this way, from a complete darkness, mysteriously, on June 2nd, on the stage of the Moscow State Variety Theatre, in a black tailcoat, emerged beloved by so many one-woman band, Diana Arbenina. 

Arbenina: Songs flowed from Bashlachev like milk from a jar

Alexander Bashlachev without a doubt was one of the most famous members of this rock club. Lead singer of The Night Snipers, Diana Arbenina, often sings one of his most romantic songs "Moist shine of your lips". The singer admitted that she first heard the tape by SashBash while visiting a friend and was completely taken by his songs.

Rock wave has overtaken Cherepovets

A festival "Bell times" in honor of the legendary talented Russian poet and rock musician Alexander Bashlachev was held in Cherepovets. A lot of people traveled there specifically for that festival from Moscow and St Petersburg. Regional media are covering the participation of The Night Snipers in that festival.

"Literature about me" in dialogues and quotations

A meeting with Diana Arbenina was held on March 17, 2014 in the lecture hall " Direct Speech" as part of the series of meetings "Literature about me" by Dmitry Bykov. The magazine "Direct Speech" has published selective quotations from that meetings in its May 2016 edition.

Mum in rock’n’roll style

Having presented to the audience a new album “Only lovers will survive”, Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers went on tour. According to Diana, after the album release, she is full of new ideas and feels like she is seventeen again.

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Diana Arbenina about her children, new image and attitude to America

Naked and with a new hair colour – in such an image Diana has appeared on the cover of her new album ‘Only lovers will survive”, which the singer is going to perform in the USA. On the eve of the tour ForumDaily talked with Diana about her new image, attitude to America and what freedom means for her.

The concert of The Night Snipers in Riga on May 9 gathered more than 30 thousand people

According to the State police of Latvia, more than 30 thousand people came to the Victory Memorial to Soviet Army to listen to the concert of The Night Snipers and to watch fireworks in honor of Victory Day.

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Diana Arbenina about the concert in Prague: “I feel good singing here”

It was already the second time when Diana gave a concert in Prague. After performance in Lucerne the singer told web portal 420on.cz about her attitude to the Czech Republic, its culture and language.

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Arbenina expects catharsis from the European concerts

Last week Diana Arbenina went on a solo acoustic tour to Europe. The singer shared with the readers of NNS (National News Service) the details of upcoming concerts, having visited the programme “Backstage” on Nashe Radio.

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The exhibition of Diana Arbenina has opened in Moscow

The first solo exhibition of paintings of Diana Arbenina, the famous singer and leader of The Night Snipers band, was presented at the Central House of Artists. Diana, who has never learnt to paint and who, till recently, hasn’t even known for what reason an easel and palette are needed, presented for audience consideration dozens of her paintings in the style of lyrical abstraction.

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Fund and its star

Can a charity fund without involving a famous person into its work survive? How to make a celebrity interested in namely that field of activity the fund work in? How to make neither fund nor celebrity feel used? 

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