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Diana Arbenina: I dreamed of visiting Baku

On September 16th, The Night Snipers arrived in Baku for the first time. Right before her appearance on the stage of the Green Theater, Diana Arbenina gave an interview to the Azerbaijani reporter Fatima Mamedova.

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"Behind the stage": The Night Snipers are getting ready for the concerts in the Ice Halls

At the end of the fall, The Night Snipers will perform two concerts in two Ice Halls, in Moscow and St Petersburg. Diana Arbenina shared some details about the upcoming events on September 6th in the program "Behind the stage" on Nashe Radio.

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Diana Arbenina: The Night Snipers need same support as 23 years ago

The Night Snipers band is celebrating its 23rd birthday on July 19th. During an interview, the lead singer of the band, Diana Arbenina, expressed her gratitude to everybody who likes and has supported the band during its whole existence.

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Diana Arbenina on the radio "Europe+" Polotsk

Few minutes before her concert in the summer theater of Vitebsk, between the soundcheck and the stage appearance, Diana Arbenina managed to give an interview to the reporter of the radiostation "Europe+Polotsk" Igor Polynsky.

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