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Diana Arbenina in the show " Pod'emniki" (Lifters)

On February 6th Diana Arbenina became a guest of the morning show "Pod'emniki" (Lifters) on Nashe Radio. In her interview she revealed few secrets from the upcoming ceremony of the Chart's Dozen on February 23rd.

Diana Arbenina Host News

Diana Arbenina's Host news played on February 6 at 20:00 during live broadcasts of three radio stations (Nashe, Rock FM, Best FM). Specially for NCN Diana had prepared her information picture of the day.

Diana Arbenina: I am not tired of either one of my songs

How did the singer find herself on Kolyma? Which album was born on the same day with Diana's kids? What does Arbenina enjoy? This and much more was shared by Diana Arbenina, singer, musician and poet, during the program "Gostinny Dvor" with Vlad Zernitsky.

Interview with Diana Arbenina on ILAND TV

Shortly before The Night Snipers concert in Israel Diana Arbenina gave an interview in a live broadcast of the Russian tv channel ILAND TV. The program from January 25 2017. The host of the studio is Ana Shulik

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