Diana Arbenina: fall in love, ladies and gentlemen

The new album “Only lovers will survive” is the most anticipated event for all the fans of Diana Arbenina. What is it about? It is about the crucial things – life, love, emotions, thoughts, which give the meanings to everything around. However, Diana herself will speak on these. 

Diana Arbenina will tell about the “lovers”

The press conference, devoted to the release of The Night Snipers new album “Only lovers will survive”, will be held on February 4 of 2016 in Mumiy Troll bar. 

Diana Arbenina is sure that only love can save humanity

On February, 5 the long-awaited album of The Night Snipers with so great title “Only lovers will survive” is going to be released. Before the event the leader of the band talked with the correspondent of “Russian blogger” and told about the album, the period of persecution in the mass media as well as shared her emotions about “Glavnaya Scena” (The Main Stage) TV show.

The Night Snipers announce the concert presentation of the new album

The Night Snipers, who are close to the release of their new album, have shared with us the details of the oncoming album concert presentation. The popular band, led by infinitely talented and always interesting Diana Arbenina, is preparing two big concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Diana Arbenina reacted to David Bowie’s passing

On January 6 the 25th album Blackstar of 69 years-old singer was released. But a few days later the joy of the fans turned into grief – David Bowie died. He died peacefully, surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer.

Diana Arbenina: We will be back with the new album in spring, I am sure

Before the New Year holidays the musicians have performed at “Kosmonavt” club, having gathered a record number of the fans from St. Petersburg. After that the band returned to Moscow, where the equally bright concert was given to all the rock’n’roll music-lovers.

Diana Arbenina: about the new album, Bashmet and the place of inspiration in Moscow region

The fans of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers rock-band are eagerly looking forward to February 5, the day when the new album of the band “Only lovers will survive” is going to be released.

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Diana Arbenina has named St. Petersburg as her favourite city

Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, giving an interview on “Radio Baltika”, has commented on the remark of Vladimir Pozner about the intolerance of St. Petersburg.

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St. Petersburg concert of Arbenina and Bashmet

Recently, during the Winter International Arts Festival – 2015 two musical collectives The Night Snipers rock-band, led by Diana Arbenina and the State Symphony Orchestra “Novaya Rossiya” (New Russia), conducted by Yuri Bashmet, which are totally different in style and genre, decided to go in with each other to perform a concert.

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Moscow concert of Arbenina and Bashmet

It was clear from the very beginning that the upcoming event would be соlossal: The Night Snipers had to perform together with the orchestra, conducted by the world-famous musician. 

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The Night Snipers release a new album

Diana Arbenina has announced the date of The Night Snipers new album release. According to the singer, the album will be released on February 5, 2016. The working title of The Night Snipers new album is “Naotmash” (The backhand). 

Diana Arbenina is ready to support the rock-bands from the Angara region

Diana Arbenina is ready to help in promotion of the talented rock-bands from the Irkutsk region. The singer offered interesting bands of the region to send her their audio records for audition. 

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The audience of Birobidzhan has met Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers with applause

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers have won the audience of Birobidzhan. The concert of the famous music band took place at the city community centre yesterday. The Night Snipers’ CDs, t-shirts, posters and various accessories had been selling in the lobby before the concert.

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Diana Arbenina put on the concert in support of the new album “Mal’chik na share” in Khabarovsk

Popular in Russia rock-band, headed by Diana Arbenina have played a real rock-n-roll concert on the stage of the state community centre. The singer performed music compositions from the new album “Mal’chik na share” and also she favoured the audience with the songs from the previous albums.

Diana Arbenina: “We plan to come to Vladivostok in July”

The creative evening of Diana Arbenina, the soloist of The Night Snipers rock-band took place on November, 10 at the cultural centre “Ajax” which is situated in the campus of FEFU. The singer sang several songs, recited a few poems and told the students about her life.

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