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Diana Arbenina: “Some youngsters are under the impression that Americans won the war…”

Before the beginning of the traditional concert, devoted to Diana’s birthday, she answered the questions of the fans on Nashe Radio.

The Night Snipers say goodbye to the audience till autumn

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers have finished off their concert season “spring-summer of 2015” with the vivid music tour around the southern cities of Russia. The musicians will go on holidays in August and the first autumn meeting with the audience is scheduled for September, 13 in Moscow.

Nashe TV: backstage from The Night Snipers’ music video shooting

The music video for The Night Snipers’ song “etonemne” was premiered yesterday. This music composition is the first single from the band’s future album. The second single from the future album is going to be released in fall. The Night Snipers also promise not to delay the new album release.

The premiere of the music video “etonemne”

Diana Arbenina (The Night Snipers”) - the music video “etonemne”

Director – Irina Mironova


Three days left till the premiere of music video “etonemne”

From the very beginning the audacious and sensual music composition “etonemne” has had the potential to become a real music hit, that is why this song was chosen to be “the first signs” of The Night Snipers’ future album. 

The premier of the song "etonemne" in Chat Dozen on "Nashe Radio"

As a spring present for The Night Snipers fans and all rock music-lovers, Diana Arbenina and her band presented the new song "etonemne" (It's not for me) in Chart Dozen on "Nashe Radio".

Diana Arbenina is on Apple Musiс

We have the good news for all the owners of Apple's mobile devices! The official webpage of Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, has appeared on the new internet resource Apple Music. 

The Night Snipers have celebrated the 41st birthday of Diana Arbenina

The traditional festive mini-tour devoted to the birthday of the band’s leader, poet and composer Diana Arbenina took place at the beginning of July. Every year she celebrates her birthday performing on the stage and this summer is not an exception.

Diana Arbenina will celebrate her birthday in "Glavclub".

We announce two more cities in which concerts of festive mini-tour, devoded to Diana Arbenina birthday will take place. On July, 8 in Moscow and on July, 9 in St. Petersburg two great concerts will take place on the stages of "Glavclub".

Diana Arbenina’s birthday in Minsk

One more city was included in the festive mini-tour, devoted to Diana’s birthday. On July,7 in Belarus, Arbenina’s homeland, the audience will be able to enjoy the unique concert. The concert will take place in Minsk "Re:public" club. 

Jurmala has wished Diana Arbenina happy birthday

On July, 5 the traditional “birthday marathon” of The Night Snipers has started. It is a series of concerts, devoted to the birthday of band’s leader – Diana Arbenina. Jurmala has become the first city in 2015 which congratulated the Night Snipers’ leader on her birthday.

The Night Snipers will open the rock-fest Nashestvie-2015

For the first time in the history of participation in Nashestvie, The Night Snipers will be the first band to open the rock festival this year, performing their music set on July,3. Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers rock-band will take part in Nashestvie for the 12thtime.

Arbenina: To open Nashestvie was as comfortable as possible for me.

Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, who had opened Nashestvie - 2015, shared with us her impressions of the performing on the main stage of the festival.

The premier of the new song “Scared”

On June, 25 the new Diana Arbenina’s song “Scared” was performed at the concert in the club Tap&Barrel Pub where the event the Prom Party, organized by Moscow FM radio station took place.

The Night Snipers at the Prom Party

On June, 25 in Moscow club Tap & Barrel Pub the event, organized by Moscow FM radio station took place. Russian music bands, which have the songs in English in their repertoire have taken part in the Prom Party.

Diana Arbenina: “Up to the age of 35 I didn’t take notice of small kids at all”

For already five years, among other things, the life of Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, is filled with the maternal care. As Diana has told her children - Artem and Marta were born at the right time and totally changed her life habits.

Concisely and passionately

The exhibition CELEBRITY ART took place in Vinzavod, gallery of contemporary art. The permanent columnists of “Ruskiy Pioner” (The Russian Pioneer”) magazine have participated in this project, which allows with the help of fine arts to share with others their inner world.

Diana Arbenina is impressed with the performing in Khabensky's musical

On the final day of performing the stage play ?Mowgli Generation? in St. Petersburg and before the start of 5th all-Russian festival of creative development studios ?Operenie ?(The Feathering?), organized by Constantine Khabensky, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band Diana Arbenina shared her impressions as for the work with the kids.

Diana Arbenina: “It is high time to celebrate birthday in homeland fundamentally”

The leader of The Night Snipers told about the plans as for her birthday celebration in July. Traditionally, Diana Arbenina celebrates her birthday, performing on the stage. This year she sticks to the tradition. 

The Jazz under the downpour in Tsaritsyno

The rain, that had poured heavily in Moscow the previous day, did not became the reason for the all the music-lovers not to visit the well-known Usadba Jazz festival. This year the festival was held in Tsaritsyno for the first time. They say this festival is the special one due to its sincere and almost homey atmosphere. The musicians are also amazed by the festival.

The Night Snipers performed at the open-air festival Usadba Jazz

The long-awaited music set of The Night Snipers was performed at Usadba Jazz festival. People, who came to the park Tsaritsyno to enjoy the first day of the festival, witnessed the unique performance: The Night Snipers’ acoustic program UNPLAGGED was presented the audience at the open-air festival for the first time.

Diana Arbenina will take part in exhibition Celebrity Art_1

From June, 21 till June 27 the exhibition of contemporary art will take place in “Vinzavod” gallery. Specially for this event Diana Arbenina has painted the triptych, named “etonemne” (It’s not for me). Among the participants of the art exhibition are Irina Khakamada, Andrey Makarevich, Alexander Vasilyev, Kristina Orbakaite, Alla Sigalova and many others.

Diana Arbenina on the radio “Stolitsa”

To your attention! On June, 16 the leader of the Night Snipers rock-band Diana Arbenina and the manager of Usadba Jazz festival Maria Semushkina will give the joint live interview on radio “Stolitsa” (99,6 FM). Programme starts at 8 p.m.

The storm of passion – Diana Arbenina

“Fiesta”, “Zvuchi”, “Ty darila mne rosy” and, of course, “31 vesna” were performed for all the Russian rock music-lovers that Saturday night. On June, 13 the real hurricane, named Diana Arbenina, has swept through the stage of “Korston” in Serpukhov.

In a memory of Sergey Sandovskiy

Sergey Sandoyskiy passed away on June, 12, 2015. The Night Snipers condole with the family and friends of this remarkable musician from St. Petersburg. We mourn together with all the friends and family of Sergey and will always keep the memory of him in our hearts.

The Night Snipers on Red Square

The Night Snipers on Red SquareOn June 12, Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers rock-band took part in gala concert, devoted to The Day of Russia, which took place on Red Square. The band performed the song “Chistye prudy” (music by David Tukhmanov, lyrics by Leonid Fadeev).

The Night Snipers have participated in the charity telethon

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers rock-band took part in the charity telethon to support Robert Tsoi, who is experiencing serious health problems now. On June, 8, performing in the telethon, organized by REN TV channel and Nashe Radio, the band played their music compositions “etonemne” and “Jagger”.

Ruskiy Pioner (Russian Pioneer). June issue. Free theme

Today the new issue of the magazine Russkiy Pioner (Russian pioneer) was released. The summer issue of the magazine gave an opportunity to each of its columnist to be free and write in their columns about the things they are interested in (till September) but, in fact, all of them remain themselves.

The Night Snipers will take part in the charity telethon to support Robert Tsoi

On June,8 at 11:30 p.m. REN TV channel and "Nashe Radio" will hold live charity telethon to support the father of the legendary rock musician Viktor Tsoi – Robert Zoy, experiencing now serious health problems. Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers as well as many other Russian musicians have already confirmed their participation in the telethon.

MP Loft: Diana Arbenina’s solo acoustic concert

On May, 30 on the stage of MP Loft club Diana Arbenina gave unusual solo acoustic concert, which became a real gift for the capital because Diana hasn’t played such concerts here for a long time.

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