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Diana Arbenina: “I will be dead without rock-n-roll”

On October, 24 there was a real sound of rock-n-roll on the stage of “Aksion” – The Night Snipers, headed by Diana Arbenina, visited Izhevsk. The band was formed 22 years ago in St. PetersburG. "We have been playing rock-n-roll for all these years. We are going to play young, brave rock-n-roll without miming"

Diana Arbenina thinks that the project “The Voice” leavers lose their charisma

This weekend Diana Arbenina came to Naberezhnye Chelny to present her new album “Mal’chik na share”. The singer attracted a full house of spectators but before the concert she talked to the press. 

A babysitter from Izhevsk raises the kids of Arbenina

Today, on October, 24 the singer Diana Arbenina has come to Izhevsk. Before the concert, which took place in “Aksion”, she has visited the studio of “NASHE radio” and has been answering the questions of the host and the listeners for about an hour. 

Diana Arbenina in Izhevsk: Your city gave the country the best poet of our time

On October, 24 The Night Snipers came to Izhevsk to give a concert. Diana Arbenina became the guest in the studio of “NASHE radio” in Izhevsk just a few hours before the concert.

Dubai is similar to "Moscow - city" but it is bigger

The day before, The Night Snipers have given the concert in Dubai. The band have performed there for the first time. Diana Arbenina, the soloist of The Night Snipers, has shared her impressions about performing in such an exotic place with the readers of NNS

The Night Snipers have won Dubai

The performance in Dubai Music Hall (October, 21) became one of the most unusual events of fall of 2015 for The Night Snipers. That was the first concert, given by Diana Arbenina and her band in the countries of the Middle East. 

“North is like an inspiration”

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers have witnessed incredibly warm greetings and full houses in each of three northern cities, which were included into fall concert tour of the band. In the middle of October The Night Snipers gave concerts in Surgut, Noyabrsk and Novy Urengoy.

You have to be devoted to your own story but not save the world

During the press conference “Hot autumn” of The Night Snipers rock-band, Diana Arbenina, the soloist of the band has told that she understands the way the people live in our country nowadays.

Pioneer readings: timeless

Pioneer readings of “Ruskiy pioner” (Russian pioneer) magazine, devoted to the theme “The Time” took place at the “Sovremennik” theatre the day before. The columnists of the magazine were trying to answer the eternal questions – what does time mean, how to deal with it and if it really exists.

Press conference: Hot October of The Night Snipers

On October, 15 the press conference of Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, took place at National News Service press centre. She has told the journalists about the new album, concert tour schedule and the number of her own projects.

“Posledniy geroy” (the Last hero): interview with Alexei Kortnev

The second episode of Diana Arbenina radio programme went on air on Nashe Radio on October, 14. Alexei Kortnev, the leader of “Neschasniy sluchai” band, was the guest of the second episode of the programme.

Pioneer Readings at the “Sovremennik” theatre

On October, 14 “Pioneer Readings” took place at the “Sovremennik” theatre in Moscow and united the columnists of the October issue of “Ruskiy Pioner” (Russian Pioneer) magazine. The theme of the issue was “The Time”.

Hot October of The Night Snipers

On October, 15 at 13:30 (Thursday), the press conference of The Night Snipers' leader Diana Arbenina will take place at the press centre of National News Serviсе information agency. Press conference theme is "Hot October of The Night Snipers".

Diana Arbenina at the “Open library”

On October, 31 Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, poet, writer and musician for the first time ever will become the participant of the traditional monthly “dialogues”, which usually take place at St. Petersburg library named after Mayakovsky (Mayakovsky library) as a part of an “Open library” project.

Blonde Arbenina has shown her mother the city of Ulyanovsk

The concert programme “Malchik na share”, consisting of the songs from the eponymous album that has been performed in Ulyanovsk has topped the ranking of the music novelties according to the annual results. And it is not in vain.

Diana Arbenina is going to host her own talk show radio programme

Belarusian singer, talented musician and poet Diana Arbenina who is a longtime leader of The Night Snipers rock-band is going to start the new round of her career. Diana is going to try her hand at the role of radio host.

Diana Arbenina will try her hand at the acting in a play

Konstantin Khabensky’s charity fund and MTS company are going to present children’s performance “The Mowgli Generation” in which Diana Arbenina was offered to play a part. All the funds from the sale of tickets will be used for the treatment of seriously ill children.

“Posledniy geroy” is on the air

On October, 7 on Nashe Radio Diana Arbenina has made her debut as a radio host. She has presented to the audience the first series of her radio programme “Posledniy geroy” (The last hero), devoted to Victor Tsoi.

Fall concert tour of The Night Snipers goes on

The Night Snipers have started their fall tour with three bright concerts in Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary and Yoshkar-Ola, the cities that have not been visited for more than three years. The audience that has been waiting for the band’s concert for so long time enjoyed the concert programme “Mal’chik na share” 

Diana Arbenina will start her programme on Nashe Radio

It is well-known that Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, has exceeded the limits of an exclusively music role only in her creativity as she has been trying her hand at new roles for a long time. Soon she will start her project “Posledniy geroy” on Nashe Radio. 

Diana Arbenina: Give the real books to children. Do not deceive them

Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, specially for NNS (National news service) has commented on top - 4 of the main news of the week.

The Night Snipers: October will be hot

Today, on October, 1 the second part of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers fall concert tour has begun. October of 2015 is going to be pretty eventful for the band, because there will be not only concerts but also different meetings with the audience and the listeners during this period.

"Posledniy geroy" (The last hero) on Nashe Radio

Diana Arbenina's radio programme "Posledniy geroy" (The last hero) is going to be started in October on Nashe Radio! The portraits of famous people ...from Diana's point of view. The most talented and bright guests, live communication and interesting themes to speak on!

Moscow region's concert tour of The Night Snipers is finished

On September, 23 the first part of Diana Arbenina's fall concert tour finished with the concert in Krasnogorsk. Having started the season with the performance in "Moscow" club, The Night Snipers went on tour around Moscow region's cities. 

Istoriya: the announcement of the song premiere

Yesterday, during the guitar masterclass, which took place at the music shop “Mustorg”, the leader of The Night Snipers announced one more song premiere. The new song of the band is going to be premiered on October, 2 in the hit parade “Chartovaya Duzhina” on Nashe Radio.

It is not something out of the common for me to show the cool music instrument to the people!

The leader of the Night Snipers rock-band gave guitar masterclass, playing the music instrument of the legendary Gibson brand. Shortly before the event’s beginning, Diana Arbenina told NNS why she had chosen precisely that brand of the guitar

Fall concert in "Moscow" club.

There is good news for those, who always come short of The Night Snipers' concerts and who want to feel again the sincerity of the favourite band's rock'n'roll sound! On September, 13 the traditional fall concert of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers will take place on the stage of "Moscow" club. 

Diana Arbenina is a jury member of TV show “Glavnaya scena”

Having returned to Moscow after summer holidays, Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, has immediately got down to work. On September, 2 the shooting of the second season of the music TV project “Glavnaya scena” on the channel “Russia 1” has started. 

Diana Arbenina gives guitar lessons to the participants of the charity project “M Generation”

MTS, the leading mobile network operator in Russia and CIS announces a new creative masterclass, which is available for all the Internet users on the official website of the charity project "M Generation» 

Diana Arbenina: I am looking forward to the day when someone equal in spirit to Vysotsky will appear

On the anniversary of Vysotsky death Diana Arbenina told NNS (Narional News Service) that she was looking forward to the day when someone equal in spirit to Vysotsky would appear. There was thirty-fifth anniversay of Vladimir Vysotsky death on July, 25. 

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