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The Snipers in 2016 - first summary

The first half of 2016 was filled with surprisingly big number of events both of musical and non-musical nature for Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers. Let's try to recall the most important events that happened during these few months.

The Night Snipers and Sony Music present the single "Naotmash"( The Backhand)

This Friday, June 3rd, ITunes and other digital media users will witness the release of the single "Naotmash" (The Backhand) by The Night Snipers. Download of the single "Naotmash" will be available on ITunes starting June 3rd. Single will also become available on other digital resources the same day.

Diana Arbenina on the radio "Europe+" Polotsk

Few minutes before her concert in the summer theater of Vitebsk, between the soundcheck and the stage appearance, Diana Arbenina managed to give an interview to the reporter of the radiostation "Europe+Polotsk" Igor Polynsky.

Diana Arbenina in the program "Vecherny Vitebsk" ( The Night Vitebsk)

Just a few hours before the solo concert, Diana Arbenina came to the studio of "Vecherny Vitebsk". Quite unexpectedly for the singer herself, the program started with archived stories about the Belorussian roots of the famous guest.

Diana Arbenina in the program "Present time"

On July 16th, before the start of the festival MegafonLive, Diana Arbenina visited the studio of the Khabarovsk channel Dal'TV and gave an interview for the program "Present time".

"31aya Vesna" at Slavyansky Bazar: Video

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers performed at the closing of the International festival Slavyansky Bazar in Vitebsk. Video from the internet broadcast is presented by the TV channel Belarus 24.

The Night Snipers at Nashestvie 2016: video

Nashe Radio is presenting a full video of the set by Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers at the festival Nashestvie 2016. Here is the official video of the broadcast from the internet channel Nashe TV. 

Diana Arbenina sang with her son Artem on the main stage at Nashestvie

The lead singer of The Night Snipers band Diana Arbenina not only celebrated her birthday on the stage of Nashestvie last Friday, but also sang together with her son Artem on the main stage of the festival.

The Night Snipers at Nashestvie 2016: Press Review

The three day celebration of Russian rock, festival Nashestvie, has died down. All the Russian mass media are summarizing the festival results, highlighting the best moments of the main adventure of the summer. 

The South Concert Tour of The Night Snipers

We are advising about the updates for the South Concert Tour of The Night Snipers. As it was announced before, for reasons beyond the band's control, few concerts between July 10 and July 14th, 2016 had to be rescheduled. This situation is quite unpleasant for us; we do understand that most of you had been waiting this summer trip.

A special holiday promotion from Universal Music and iTunes

Universal Music (Russia) and iTunes are announcing a present for all the fans of The Night Snipers dedicated to Diana Arbenina's birthday. The album "Mal'chik na Share" (A boy on a globe) is becoming more accessible for downloads in the iTunes internet store.

Komsomol'skaya Pravda: Festival Nashestvie 2016

Diana Arbenina celebrated her birthday on stage following a tradition of many years. Now you can hardly recognize a daring girl from Piter, touched up by rough snows of Magadan; this year there was a lady on the stage wearing heels, tights and shorts. 

Margolis: Diana Arbenina has impressed the most during the first day of Nashestvie

The host of the program Vozdukh (Air) on Nashe Radio Mikhail Margolis told NSN that the performance of The Night Snipers became the most memorable event of the first day of the largest Russian music festival Nashestvie. 

Diana Arbenina's birthday at Nashestvie: a duet with son and a broken guitar

The lead singer of The Night Snipers has an old tradition to celebrate her birthday on stage. In 2016 for the first time Diana shared her personal celebration with a multi-thousand audience of the festival Nashestvie. 

Diana Arbenina's son made his successful debut on stage

Diana Arbenina surprised her fans on her birthday. Rock singer showed up on the stage of festival Nashestvie accompanied by her 6-year-old son Artem. Although the boy didn't just show up on stage to stand in front of 30 thousand people crowd, but actually sang one of his mom's songs together with her.

Diana Arbenina at the press-conference for MegafonLive

After an astonishing set of The Night Snipers at Nashestvie, Diana Arbenina did not leave the festival grounds. Next day she appeared again at the press-center of Nashestvie to participate in the joint press-conference with the lead singer of Chaif band Vladimir Shakhrin.

Diana Arbenina: I wait for Nashestvie for the whole year just like for my birthday

The lead singer of The Night Snipers Diana Arbenina celebrates her 42nd birthday on July 8. In her program "Poslednii Geroi" ("Last hero") on Nashe Radio she told the NSH readers about the legendary festival Nashestvie and the artists that brought the most memorable performance.

Diana Arbenina's press conference at the festival Nashestvie

Few minutes before going onto the stage of Nashestvie on July 8 Diana Arbenina answered few questions of the reporters at the press-center of the festival. Video interview of the lead singer of The Night Snipers band was presented by the National News Service.

Snipers at Nashestvie: 15 years together

In 2016 The Night Snipers will stand on the main stage of Nashestvie for the 13th time. Participation in the main Russian rock festival has been a part of the band's history for the last 15 years. Let's recap how it has been from the first appearance by The Night Snipers on Nashestvie.

Last Hero: Special edition dedicated to Nashestvie

A new edition of the author's program by Diana Arbenina called Last Hero, "Acoustics of rare individuals", premiered on air ofNashe Radio on July 6. This time Diana did not invite guests into the studio, though had a special edition of the program dedicated to the history of the Nashestvie festival.

Diana Arbenina congratulated Belarus people with denomination

The lead singer of the Russian rock band The Night Snipers, Diana Arbenina, congratulated Belarus people with denomination during her performance at the musical open air festival MOST that took place on the Borovaya airfield, said a reported from BELTA.

Snipers' day in Belarus

A double celebration was held by The Night Snipers for their fans in Belarus. On July 2, the band had two concerts on the same day in two nearby cities, Minsk and Mogilev. First, the songs of Diana Arbenina were played for the fans in Minsk. 

Acoustic concerts in Geneva and Monte Carlo

Diana Arbenina played two acoustic concerts in Europe in the end of June 2016. The first part of this year has been quite active for The Night Snipers as the band spent most of the time from mid February till end of spring touring with the concerts. 

Festival Nashestvie-2016: program, surprises, details

A long-awaited press-conference with the organizers and headliners of the largest scale music festival of the country, Nashestvie-2016, took place on July 28, in the heart of Moscow,  in one of the multi-functional centers of the business quarter Golutvinskaya Sloboda.

The Night Snipers at the Aliye Parusa-2016

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers took part in a traditional Saint Petersburg's celebration Aliye Parusa dedicated to the school graduates. Snipers's set opened a large three-hour concert with artists and bands that had been selected by votes of the Saint Petersburg's school graduates. 

SONY MUSIC and The Night Snipers party at the Kerosine Club

A party by Sony Music Rock together with Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers took place at Kerosine club on June 23, 2016. When opening the event Diana Arbenina, who had just recently joined Sony Music, thanked the label for the support, then she moved on to the concert part of the event.

A premiere of the show "Generation Mowgli" was held in Chelyabinsk

A premiere of the show "Generation Mowgli", a charitable musical with cast consisting of students of the creative development studio by the Fund "Opereniye" under the management of Konstantin Khabensky, was successfully held in Chelyabinsk.

Charitable musical "Generation Mowgli"

A charitable musical "Generation Mowgli" was held on the stage of the Chelyabinsk drama theater. It is also known as a performance that saves lives of kids. All funds collected from this performance are used to cover the treatments of kids sick with cancer.

Album Only Lovers Will Survive received platinum status

The new album of The Night Snipers Only Lovers Will Survive, released by Sony Music Russia, reached a platinum status only four months after its release. The official release of the album Only Lovers Will Survive happened on February 5, 2016.

CОМ.tv: Everything for children

There it was, the long-awaited meeting with Russian singer, musician, poet, the lead singer of The Night Snipers Diana Arbenina. An express-interview for the program Everything for children of the kids channel COM.TV was conducted by Semyon Belousov.

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