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The Night Snipers celebrate the birthday of Joseph Brodsky

On May, 24th we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the great Russian poet Joseph Brodsky’s birth. The leader of The Night Snipers rock-band Diana Arbenina always calls Brodsky her favourite poet and even considers him to be her “teacher.

"The Night Snipers" concert in Baku

For the first time ever, "The Night Snipers" is coming to Baku with a concert on June 20th, 2015. During the performance at the Green Theatre (an open air venue, Baku) in the capital of Azerbaijan, this legendary and iconic band will play songs from the new album titled "Mal’chik na share" (" A boy on a globe") and the band’s long time favorite hits.

Diana Arbenina tells about the planet's biodiversity

At the end of October, 2014 Diana Arbenina became the participant of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia educational project. The leader of the Night Snipers has filmed in the video informing us about the necessity to preserve biodiversity on the planet Earth and the steps WWF Russia takes “to make The Red Book of Russia at least a little thinner”.

Irina Mironova: “The music videos in which the artists appear in their unusual images are the best”

Working on the new music video for Diana Arbenina song "etonemne", Irina Mironova has created for the singer unusual and quite daring image which is sure to surprise the fans.

“Generation M” announces photo contest

Russian charity project "Generation M" announces photo contests “It is kind Peter (St. Petersburg), baby!” and "St. Petersburg's jungles." The grand prize of each of two contests is two tickets for the musical "Generation Mowgli", the presentation of which will take place on June 19-22 in St. Petersburg.

Diana Arbenina became a blonde for the new music video!

Recently, Diana Arbenina took part in filming of the new music video for the song “etonemne”. Specially for this work the soloist of The Night Snipers has changed a bit her image and become a blonde.

Diana Arbenina and Bi 2: “Tishe i tishe”

At the beginning of 2015 the shooting of the music video for the song “Tishe i tishe” took place in Moscow. Diana Arbenina and Shura from Bi2 performed and recorded this song together as a soundtrack to the movie “Clinch”. Today we present the song as well as the music video for it. 

The new press-secretary of The Night Snipers

We introduce the new member of our team-the press-secretary of The Night Snipers-Daria Smirnova. Daria has been working with us on different projects for several months. Now she took over from Constantine Philippov as a new press-secretary.

The Night Snipers will take part in the rock-fest Nashestvie 2015

According to the long-standing tradition of performing at the rock-fest Nashestvie, Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers will become again the participants of the biggest Russian rock festival Nashestvie, organized by Nashe Radio.

Diana Arbenina will perform solo acoustic concert in MPLoft

On May, 30 Diana Arbenina will present in Moscow her solo acoustic concert. The performance ,when there is only Diana playing her guitar on the stage, will take place in PMLoft club. Diana's poetry and prose will also be presented at that concert.

Diana Arbenina is nominated for RU.TV award

Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, is nominated for Russian Music Award of RU.TV. in the category " The best rock-project". The results of fans' voting will be announced on May, 23d in Crocus City Hall. The winners will be awarded the prize in the form of the golden samovar. 

Diana Arbenina and Yuriy Bashmet are preparing a joint concert in Sochi

Rock band "The Night Snipers" and the National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Yury Bashmet, are preparing a joint concert that will premiere in Zimniy theatre in Sochi on February 21.That will be the first time for 2 legendary ensembles to merge into one to perform "The Night Snipers" best songs of different years with the symphony orchestra.

Press Review: The Night Snipers got award at the "Chartova Duzhina" ceremony.

The 8th "Chartova Duzhina" award ceremony was held at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The annual ceremony is run by "Nashe Radio" that selects the most prominent Russian rockers and their achievements to be awarded.  The Night Snipers band was awarded for nomination in the "Best Concert of the year 2014" category.  Here are some publications referring to the Snipers’ victory.

The Night Snipers will be the headliners of Usadba Jazz festival

Diana Arbenina and the band The Night Snipers will take part in Russian musical festival Usabda Jazz on June 20, 2015 at the historical park Tsaritsyno in Moscow. The band will present it's unique program "UNPLUGGED", originally premiered with an expanded group of musicians. The band will perform at Usabda Jazz for the first time.

"Best Rock Singer 2014" award goes to Diana Arbenina

Diana Arbenina won "Best Rock Singer" nomination in 2014 according to the Russian music portal MUSECUBE. Simultaneously, "The Night Snipers" rock band received "Best Rock band 2014" award and the new concert program "UNPLUGGED", which premiered at a Moscow club "Arena" in March 2014, was among "Best rock music shows 2014" nominees.

The Night Snipers are ready for a spring tour around Russia

The Night Snipers have announced the start of the grand spring tour around Russia. Long-awaited concerts of the famous band will be held in Murmansk, Kursk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Yaroslavl, Tula, Orel, Smolensk, Omsk, Barnaul, Novokuznezk, Novosibirsk, Grand Novgorod and Pskov. 

The Night Snipers will perform with Yuri Bashmet’s orchestra

An unusual show titled «Both classics and rock» will take place in Sochi in February. As announced, Diana Arbenina with her rock-band The Night Snipers will play on stage of the Winter theatre together with State Symphony Orchestra «Novaya Rossiya» (New Russia) lead by Yuri Bashmet.

Diana Arbenina and "The Night Snipers" will play in Vilnius

Fans of spiritual, candid and real live music eagerly await  February the 5th, the day when legendary star Diana Arbenina and her band “The Night Snipers” are going to play the one and only inimitable rock concert  on the stage of FORUM PALACE in Vilnius at 7:30 pm!

"The Night Snipers” are heading to the 5th continent

Diana Arbenina and her band “The Night Snipers” continue exploring the most remote spaces of the globe. Landing of "the snipers troops" in Australia that has been anticipated for so long, is less than a month away. This trip is going to become unique due to the fact that devoted and longing for adventures fans of the rock band can join the musicians.

"The Night Snipers" gave their first performance in Vietnam

Right at the start of 2015 Diana Arbenina and „The Night Snipers“ decided to shorten their winter holidays and went back to work right after celebrating the New Year.

Moscow International Documentary Film Festival "ARTDOCFEST" Screens "Unplugged"

The "Unplugged" film was shown in Formula Kino Gorizont on December, 16. The documentary is based on the same-name concert held by The Night Snipers at a Moscow club "Arena".
The "Unplugged" documentary on one of the most spectacular and fascinating acoustic concerts by The Night Snipers was screened at the Moscow International Documentary Film Festival "ARTDOCFEST".

Diana Arbenina: Peter (Saint Petersburg), I wish to die with this sound

Few generations of fans of a rather unique band "The Night Snipers" have been waking up with the great music and lyrics of favorite band in their heads. It is a unique band because it does not plays games with the audience. They don't make it a goal just to be great or to be liked by people. The musicians, led by Diana Arbenina, just write and play good sincere music.

We live cheerfully, consciously, zestful! Rock-and–roll!

On December, 30, the soloist of «The Night Snipers» rock-band Diana Arbenina performed as a DJ for the first time at VINYL Garage Market presenting the vinyl-lovers and her fans with her favorite songs on vinyl. Diana Arbenina continues to amaze audiences again and again. No matter what new roles she takes on herself or new projects she presents to the audience, she succeeds in all of them.

"The Night Snipers" at Moscow Crocus City Hall

Exceptionally beautiful eyes of Diana Arbenina on a big screen, amazing guitar chords, new songs premieres, unexpected images of Arbenina; all of this has made the concert of "The Night Snipers" on December 3rd, 2014 one of the most exciting and beautiful performances Crocus City Hall has ever witnessed. All the emotions from that concert will last for quite a long time.

Diana Arbenina in her new role as a DJ

The last day of fall was marked with Diana Arbenina unusual experiment. On November 30, the lead singer of The Night Snipers appeared as a DJ and presented her vinyl DJ set at a cult VINYL Garage Market in Moscow.

Diana Arbenina : There is no place like home

"...This is our second time in Crocus City Hall ( the biggest concert hall in Moscow). The concert will be a good mix of old and new songs. We also have a premiere of a new song for the fans. The concert will be long and eventful.

Diana Arbenina in London: viewer's feedback

I have become a frequent visitor to the meetings with artistic people:) Today I have attended the recital of Diana Arbenina, the lead singer for the Russian Rock Band "The Night Snipers". Oxford University Russian Society had invited her and was holding the meeting at the University College.

Diana Arbenina: It is better to look straight

Concerts of the rock band "The Night Snipers" with their new program will be held in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg in December. Right before these concerts the "Ogonek" magazine met up with the leader of the band Diana Arbenina to talk about life, music and politics that recently touched her life in a very unexpected way.

Diana Arbenina: Life without regrets

Diana Arbenina indulged her Minsk fans with emotions and shared her desire to live without regrets, the only way she knows to. The Night Snipers played a concert in Minsk this past weekend. The lead singer of the band does not communicate much with press these days, however did make an exception for AFISHA.TUT.BY.

Diana Arbenina took part in an ecological action of WWF Russia

The leader of “The Night Snipers” band Diana Arbenina became a participant of an ecological action, organized by the wildlife protecting fund WWF Russia.

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