Сольная акустика в Сибири

A new Snipers's concert tour across cities in Russia started in the middle of February.  First two concerts that took place in Novosibirsk (February 12) and Omsk ( February 14) presented solo acoustic program "Acoustic. Songs as they are" by Diana Arbenina. 

Фото Юлии Шулус

Each of these concerts lasted for more than three hours and consisted of two parts. Audiences got to hear not only Diana's songs with guitar accompaniment, but also poems, lyrics and prose read by the author. During the whole performance Diana was by herself on the stage ( helped by the drummer of the band, Dmitry Gorelov just during few songs). "I sing my songs just as I once wrote them, in their true colors, without hiding behind musical wrappers," announced Diana the upcoming concerts.

Traditionally hospitable Siberian spectators received their Moscow guest with utmost emotions and left lots of reviews on the internet. These are just few extracts from them:

Astonishing concert!!! We are still not back to reality! Diana Sergeevna, I take my hat off for your talent and energy! To stay and work on stage for three(!!!) hours, play the guitar and piano, sing, read poems and prose practically without breaks!! Thank you very much!! Always glad to see you in our city! (Yekaterina Kvashina)

"Diana is just amazing!!! It is a performance of one actor, poet, musician. Performance of one Woman!! From overstrain to whisper, from pain to joy, from love to love. Masterly instrument and voice performances... and complete spell over the whole audience!!( Elena Kinal')

Видео Елены Киналь

Two absolutely wonderful, two absolutely different concerts emotionally; concerts that felt differently. Two days of warmth in freezing Siberia. And fresh air, a breath of fresh air...laying low...( Anastasia Greshilova)

This theatrical program with musical and poetic contents was presented by Diana Arbenina only once at the Moscow summer concert at Variety Theater in 2016. And quite soon, in the beginning of spring, this Snipers's acoustics could be seen in Petersburg, as "Songs as they are" will be presented on March 7th at the DK Lensovet. Additionally, Diana is planning to visit Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk.


Перевод Рены Сташис


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