Авторские новости от Дианы Арбениной

Diana Arbenina's Host news played on February 6 at 20:00 during live broadcasts of three radio stations (Nashe, Rock FM, Best FM). Specially for NCN Diana had prepared her information picture of the day.

Top 5 news according to Diana Arbenina

- Trump said that he felt surreal after stepping in to his new role. According to Diana Arbenina, to stay in the president' chair the American leader had to not only deal with the surreal but also all the other feelings

- RosPotrebNadsor( Russian Consumption Control Agency) supports the ban for discounts on alcohol. Diana called not to go along with marketing specialists and to completely give up alcohol no matter how appealing prices in stores could be.
- Kamchatka was visited by 200 thousand tourists in 2016. Diana Arbenina admitted that she liked that region herself and planned to visit it the following summer.

- "Likes" on social networks negatively affect people's psychological state. Arbenina said that she did not like the virtual attention and preferred actual live communication and real hugs.

- The Night Snipers are building a recording studio. The artist invited everybody to join in the project and help in creating a studio for talented musicians.


Diana Arbenina Host News
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