Январские гастроли «Ночных Снайперов»

It has become a tradition for Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers to discover new counties and cities at the beginning of each year. This January, the band visited much favored Israel, and also came to Spain with a tour for the first time.

Фото Алекса Лернера

The concert program "Only lovers will survive" was presented on January 27 in Tel-Aviv, at club Riding 3. Israel greeted Russian rockets with some nasty weather though that did not change the great mood and the fighting spirit of the Snipers. "The storm is outside, the hurricane is inside", these or similar thoughts were in the feedbacks of the audience stated after that concert that night. 

Фото Сергея Демьянчука

Barcelona became the next point on the Snipers tour map. "It is not right that every year we only come to America and Germany, and three years ago I asked our management to expand our geography. I am ready to visit every city and in each of them I am ready to start over again", cheered Diana Arbenina, greeting her fans gathered at Sala Bikini. 

The debut of The Night Snipers in Spain was rather successful. Major interest of the audience was caused not just by the club concert on January 29, but also by the poetic reading night "I speak" by Diana Arbenina on January 30 held at ArtSpace Barcelona. There were poems and prose simultaneously translated into Spanish for the audience, and at the end there were questions from the audience about the most sacred things.


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