Новый год в Aurora Concert Hall

The Snipers' concert at Piter's AuroraConcert Hall club became the best choice for those who were still celebrating New Year these days. In the evening of January 3rd there was a truly holiday atmosphere. In comparison to the recent grand show "Only lovers will survive" at the St. Petersburg's Ice Palace,  the New Year's concert at Aurora Club could be called a private cozy meeting where the playlist was put together based on the artist's mood half an hour before the concert and the songs were a nice surprise for the audience.

Фото Натальи Габбасовой

According to an old tradition, Diana Arbenina greeted her most favorite city with her song "Piterskaya" and thus, set the tone of the whole concert. Playlist included the most fiery songs by The Night Snipers that made the fans dance, jump and enjoy the show. Diana herself showed a true New Years's mood, climbed monitors, balanced on the edge of the stage, improvised and was just full of positive energy. 

Фото Геллы Цветковой

Some of the songs played that evening were from the program "Only lovers will survive", though there were quite a lot of songs that are rarely played during the concerts." We have not played this for about 10 years", announced Diana Arbenina before some of the songs.

Видео Лизы Канунниковой

Diana surprised everybody with her solo acoustic part in the middle of the concert. It included songs that already became known such as "Travi"(Herbs) and "Grezia" (Greece), as well as an absolutely new song with words "I don't like when we are apart" (as it still has no official title), which had only been played once before, at the private concert on December 24.
The Snipers concert was completed with old time hit songs "Rubezh" (Frontier), "31aya Vesna" (31st spring), "Moryachok"(Sailor). Then, in a few minutes, the band came out for an encore that was even more energetic than the concert itself.

Фото Ланы Табаско

After this holiday meeting The Night Snipers said good-bye to Saint Petersburg till spring, as a solo acoustic concert of Diana Arbenina will take place on March 7th at the DK Lensovet. Muscovites are expecting a new meeting with the band sooner as the festive concert will take place a day after the "old new year", on January 14th, at a Stereo Hall club. 

Видео Лизы Канунниковой


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