"Новый год действительно станет Новым!"

Pioneers!! My dears... So, here is another year behind us.

365 days that disappeared in sand. 365 mornings that we did not start the way we wanted, and 365 nights we slept through.

We are now older, have more years and minutes to our age. We are getting closer and closer to the finish line of our Decembers.

And with that...I love New Year! This great summary of a part of life!

I love this time in each of its season.

I wish you joy. I want you to fall in love without thinking. I want you to be healthy, to have strong mind, strong body, strong will. All of it for you.

Because each of us living here deserves it.

Most importantly, I want to wish all of us: please, believe in God as strongly and unconditionally as God believes in us.

And then the new year will surely become new!!




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