Новый год по-снайперски!

Friends! We are expecting to see you at the winter concerts of The Night Snipers in Piter and Moscow. The first time in 2017 the Snipers will come out on the stage of the Aurora Concert hall in Piter on January 3rd, then after the old New Year, on January 14th, in Stereo Hall'e in Moscow.

New Year Snipers's way means a true celebration of real rock-n-roll, surprises, unexpected new songs and all time hits of the band. Do not miss these meetings as Snipers are not going to show up on the capitals' stages too soon.


Билеты уже в продаже:

3 января - Санкт-Петербург, Aurora Concert Hall


Справки по билетам: тел. 703-40-40

Адрес:, Пироговская набережная, 5/2.

Начало концерта - 20:00.
14 января - Москва, Stereo Hall


Справки по билетам: тел. +7 (495) 644-22-22

Адрес: Рочдельская д. 15, стр. 44

Начало концерта - 20:00.


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