Диана Арбенина и группа «Ночные Снайперы» создадут студию звукозаписи с помощью краудфандинга

The Night Snipers band will turn 25 in 2018. People in that age are considered to be already grown up and quite self-sufficient, having a bag of knowledge behind their shoulders as well as life experiences. Similar characteristics could probably fit our band, The Night Snipers, and myself.

In our work we have always tried to correspond to our understanding of rock-be sincere and honest. Things have changed, both inside the band and also in the way our albums sound, but not in the way we treat and respect music.

At the moment, we are building our own recording studio. The Night Snipers's studio. We want it to be loaded with your energy, the energy of our fans and audience. And we truly want to have our jubilee album recorded in that place.

We invite everyone to join us and become part of the snipers' history. #buildingtogether

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers

And here is a promised video story about our studio from the first hands. You can already see the bricks that will hold your names! Thank you for your support!!

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