Снайперы в 2016-м: первые итоги

The first half of 2016 was filled with surprisingly big number of events both of musical and non-musical nature for Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers. Let's try to recall the most important events that happened during these few months.


Фото Игоря Бобошина

Everything started according to an old tradition with a new year's holiday concert. On January 4th, The Night Snipers played in club "Moscow", and after that disappeared from their audience for almost a month. Though, instead of enjoying some long winter holidays with the rest of the country, the band allocated its time to prepare for a very important upcoming event.


And on February 5th, this very important event finally happened. The new numbered electric album "Only lovers will survive" was officially released. Unlike the two previous albums, which Diana Arbenina was making solo ( "Acoustics. Songs as they are") or with invited musicians ("A boy on the globe"), the new one was a result of joint contributions and efforts from all the band's musicians.

Фото Натальи Мущинкиной

A press-conference with all the participants of the album recording including Diana Arbenina, Denis Zhdanov, Sergey Makarov, Dmitry Gorelov was held one day before the official release of the album in the moscow club "Mummy Troll Bar". Arina Dmitrieva, the director of the Sony Music Russia, that is the label releasing the disk, was also present at the press conference. After the communication with press, The Night Snipers performed an unannounced concert for the people who gathered for the presentation and played all the songs from the newly released album for the first time.

Just three days after the release, the album "Only lovers will survive" got into the first place in the Russian segment on ITunes based on the number of downloads. In just a little over a month, it received a gold, and by May 2016, a platinum status based on the sales volume on all possible media. This is a record result among the musical releases in Russia for the past year, according to the representatives of the Sony Music Russia.


Фото Кати Малиновской

In the days following the release, there were dozens of meetings, interviews, radio presentations, live broadcasts. Later, at the end of February, there was a big autograph session at the bookstore "Moscow". And simultaneously, Diana managed to participate in many other interesting projects.

On February 3rd, after the new year's holiday break, the program "Last Hero. Acoustics of rare people" by Diana Arbenina aired again on Nashe Radio. Gosha Kutzenko became the guest of this 1st program in February. There has been a total of 12 programs so far with guests like Chulpan Khamatova, Konstantin Khabensky, Valery Syutkin, Gleb Samoilov and many more.

Diana had also continued to write as a columnist for the "Russian Pioneer" magazine. Her essay "Lock me" ( for the theme of loneliness) was included in the February issue of the magazine, followed by two more articles, "What and how it will be" ( on the topic of Future) and "Madness chip" ( on the topic of Madness).


Фото Ивана Кобякова  

Moscow's Crocus City Hall and Piter' Jubilee hall simultaneously hosted the ceremony for the main rock-n-roll award Chartova Dozen on February 13th. Diana Arbenina became a nominee in two categories at once; "The best rock singer 2015" and a special category "For the charitable activity".

Though the most exciting moment after the release of the album "Only lovers will survive" was the start of the tour for The Night Snipers to support the newly released album. The first few concerts took place nearby, starting February 18th, covering 11 cities of the near Moscow and Central Russia. The program turned out to be quite a success; almost every city was sold out; besides the local public, fans from nearby cities joined in for the concerts.


Фото Юлии Пыжовой

Taking a small break after the first part of the tour, The Night Snipers held two big album presentations in the two capitals, Moscow's Ray Just Arena and St. Petersburg's A2 during the March holidays. Besides the actual concert program consisting of songs from the newly released album along with the old all-time hit songs, audience got to experience new impressive visual effects. The Night Snipers had prepared a special highly technical show where the work of the musicians on stage correlated with the capabilities of the light and sound video equipment, all together creating a unified musical atmosphere.

The experiment was a huge success. There were lots of excited reviews and feedbacks after the concerts in media resources and from people in the audiences that certainly persuaded Snipers to continue implementing new ideas. Then, in lots of other cities, where the size and equipment of the stage allowed for that, the band played the concerts using these new production technologies.

Soon after the capitals' concerts, The Night Snipers visited Moldova for the first time, and after that, on March 19th, continued their concert tour in Russia. This time they covered nine cities in Povolzh'ye and in the south of the country.

Фото Кати Малиновской

Besides concerts, there were meetings with students from universities in several cities in March-April. They were organized with the help of the charitable fund "Generation M" that runs few programs assisting art students in becoming successful in different art fields. Each of these meetings gathered hundreds of young people; Diana read her poems and answered various questions about modern music and literature, her path to rock'n'roll, and much more. 


Фото Юлии Расковой  

Concert in Vladikavkaz, where The Night Snipers came for the first time, was closing March part of the tour. Having rested for only few days, the band continued on a tour on April 4th. Now it was time to show the new program in the main cities of Ural and Siberia. There were 12 concerts one after another, and that is not counting meetings with students, tv and radio broadcasts and autograph sessions. The final "green" concert of the Russian Tour VTV 2016( Only Lovers will survive Tour 2016) took place on April 15th in Krasnoyarsk.

From there The Night Snipers set off to Moscow. The musicians had enough time to rest and rehearse, though Diana's schedule was busier. The next day, on April 16th, Diana participated in a new Russian motivational event "Total dictation" as one of the narrators, and then, few days later, came another long awaited but still unexpected for many event.


Фото Натальи Габбасовой

On April 20th, an official opening of an art exhibit "Jagger" by Diana Arbenina took place at the ZDH ( Central House of Artists). There were more than 60 oil and about 30 gouache paintings presented at the exhibit.  Artistic abilities of Diana was already known to public as long time ago, in the middle of the 90-s, she had started with the graphic illustrations to her own poetry and songs' collections books. Diana started using oils together with her own finger drawing method without use of a brush back in 2005. During past years, few of Diana's paintings were represented at the exhibitions of Russian rockers. However, nobody could think how serious was this side of artwork for Diana. The exhibition opening was attended by few hundred of Diana's fans. It was open for 20 days though May 9th. 


Фото Елены Сафоновой

And on April 22 Diana started off on a solo acoustics tour in Europe. This European tour included 5 countries, 11 cities in slightly more than two weeks and became the largest scale tour of the Snipers throughout their history. And not only in snipers' history, but only few Russian rockers ever dared to go on such a tour outside of Russia in a format of "tet-a-tet" with the audience.

The Night Snipers celebrated May 9th in Riga, and on the invite from the city's mayor's office, they performed on the main city square that evening right before the start of the festive fireworks. And right after that, the band went on a transatlantic flight as almost the whole May was spent in a large scale American-Canadian concert tour.


Фото Diana Lange

Having started in Miami on May 11, the snipers crossed the continent from east to west, visiting and performing concerts in 9 cities in the USA and 3 in Canada. Both the new program along with all-time hit songs were received quite well by the audiences that consisted not only from the Russian speaking public but also local people. To add to that, Snipers played double concerts in one day both in New York and Los Angeles: after the originally advertised concerts with the program from the new album "Only lovers will survive", there were separate concerts consisting of premiers of songs in English from a not yet released album. The North American tour was completed on May 24th. 


Фото Максима Манджи  

The next significant event in the Snipers' history was the acoustic concert of Diana Arbenina that took place at the Moscow State Variety Theater on June 2. The concert lasted for more than three hours of "acoustic striptease", as it was named in the press,  and consisted of poetry, poems, songs played on the guitar or the piano with the accompaniment of the drummer Dmitry Gorelov. This concert became a positive shock for people in the audience, exceptional in its sincerity and openness. 


Фото Дениса Бутенко

The first half of the summer, The Night Snipers devoted to participation in various festivals. Even though that started back in spring as the band played at the festival Bells Time in honor of a legendary Russian poet and rocker Aleksander Bashlachev in Cherepovets on May 29th. At the end of June,  Snipers took place in the traditional Saint Petersburg celebration Aliye Parusa dedicated to school graduates. Then, on July 2, there were 2 events in one day in Belarus, festival MOST in Minsk and City Day in Mogilev. On July 16 there was festival MegafonLive in Khabarovsk, where Snipers played a concert simultaneously with Chaif band that was playing in Vladivostok and the two bands played the final song together though the online broadcast. And on July 18, having crossed almost half of the globe, Snipers came back to Belarus, this time visiting Vitebsk international festival Slavyansky Bazar. 


All this time Diana Arbenina continued to work together with Konstantin Khabensky's project "Generation Mowgli". There was yet another performance featuring Diana Arbenina as one of the cast members that took place in Chelyabinsk.

However, festival Nashestvie had been and still is the main rock festival for any rock band in Russia. The Night Snipers did not miss it this time as well, and to participate in the "main adventure of the summer", Diana Arbenina cancelled her previous decision not to play concerts on her birthday this year.

Фото Екатерины Шуть

"...we do not choose the stage, stage chooses us. I realized this quite a long time ago. On July 8 I will come out on the stage, the biggest stage of our country...", wrote Diana in her Facebook post announcing the upcoming Nashestvie. And the set of The Night Snipers on July 8, the singer's birthday, lasted for an hour and a half and became a true sensation of the festival. There were new songs that were sang by the audience in unison along with old popular hit songs. There were amazing flash mobs organized as presents for Diana by her fans with the support of Nashe Radio. There also were surprises arranged by Diana herself from the stage appearance of Diana's six-year-old son Artem to the final smashing of one of her guitars on stage. 


Фото Анны Бинг

Though the final point of the concert tour happened in Belarus, Diana's motherland. This July Diana managed to spoil her fans in Belarus by showing up on stage 5 times, 3 of which happened in Vitebsk. Besides the closing ceremony of the festival Slavyansky Bazar on July 18, the next day Diana took part in a concert by Aleksander Rozenbaum "Friends and songs".  And then on July 20 The Night Snipers gathered a full house( that is six thousand people) in the summer theater of Vitebsk for their own electric concert. There the band played the program "Only lovers will survive" one last time before long summer vacation. 


This fall The Night Snipers are planning to continue the concert tour "Only lovers will survive 2016"; there are more than 20 cities in and outside of Russia where the band will play within the next few months. And this list is not yet finalized. To complete the fall tour, The Snipers will play two grand concerts in the Moscow's and St Pete's Ice Palaces, where the already familiar program will shine with different colors.

We will also be expecting the second season of the program "Last Hero", new essays in the Russian Pioneer magazine, new songs and poems, and many more unexpected and unpredictable events just as the Snipers's motto is still Don't stop!


Перевод Рены Сташис


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