Диана Арбенина спела с сыном Артемом на главной сцене "Нашествия"

The lead singer of The Night Snipers band Diana Arbenina not only celebrated her birthday on the stage of Nashestvie last Friday, but also sang together with her son Artem on the main stage of the festival.
Diana became the second headliner of the Friday's Nashestvie; the main rock festival of the country was opened by Splin band, and closed by Sergey Shnurov with his Leningrad band.
At the press conference, Diana mentioned that the Nashestvie stage appearance was a complete debut for Artem. "Artem managed it quite well. Not everything was done as rehearsed, he was very shy, though I think everything went well. There is room for improvement in the vocal field. At least, we sang live, and not like puppets in beautiful  costumes miming through the recordings. I truly hate this insincerity and these parents who ready to pay loads of money just for their kid who has no voice or talent to show up on the stage. I decided from the start that if Artem does not become a professional musician , I was not going to help him ( cursing)", said Arbenina.
To just add, the family sang together a lyrical song "Pomolchim" (Let's be silent), the fans supported the young star with rounds of applauses, and screamed 'Happy birthday' to Diana. 
Перевод - Рена Сташис

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