Южный тур Ночных Снайперов

We are advising about the updates for the South Concert Tour of The Night Snipers.
As it was announced before, for reasons beyond the band's control, few concerts between July 10 and July 14th, 2016 had to be rescheduled. This situation is quite unpleasant for us; we do understand that most of you had been waiting this summer trip.
However, we are therefore informing you that there will be concerts in the following cities:
July 12-Simferopol', Musical Theater. Box office: mobile:(978)021-7172; office: 73652)25-45-52
July 13-Alushta, movie theater Porto Mare. Box office: phone: +7(978) 731-33-22
IMPORTANT: tickets purchased to July 10th' concert are valid for the concert on July 13th. Also, tickets purchased to the concert in Sevastopol' are valid for the concert in Alushta.
July 14-Anapa, Summer theater. Box office : phone: 86133)39-436
IMPORTANT: Tickets purchased to the concert in Genedjik are valid for the concert in Anapa.

Anyone who purchased tickets to the concert in Alushta( July 10), Secastopol' (July 11) and Gelendjik (July 13) and willing to return them, please contact each corresponding city's box office.

Looking forward to see you on July 12th. Hooray!!!!


Перевод - Рена Сташис


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