Ночные Снайперы на Нашествии-2016. Обзор прессы

The three day celebration of Russian rock, festival Nashestvie, has died down. All the Russian mass media are summarizing the festival results, highlighting the best moments of the main adventure of the summer. Our review contains selections from the most interesting publications about the festival.

Inimitable Diana Arbenina, as a matter of fact, celebrated her birthday just of July 8th, and possibly due to this, practically "ripped" the audience, turning the festival into her own great concert for two hours. She did not just sing dozen songs without breaks and stops, she also sang one of her hit songs together with her own son- six-year-old Tema, and even broke a guitar at the end.



Set of Diana Arbenina with The Night Snipers felt like a separate full concert. It looks like she learned how to universally adjust her performances depending on the stage and the event itself. Diana was not able to sing duet with Shnur, as she had wanted, however she made a great duo with her son Artem. Not only did the boy not get shy on stage from the thousands in the crowd, but was quite confident when receiving a big bouquet of flowers that he decided not to pass on to his mom. He was enjoying his triumph.



The singer Diana Arbenina performed on July 8th on the first day of the festival Nashestvie, together with her six-year-old son Artem. It was a debut performance on the stage for the boy. Together with Arbenina, who celebrated her 42nd birthday that day, he sang The Night Snipers' song "Pomolchim" (Let's be silent). The crowds warmly welcomed the duo and shouted Happy birthday while the song was played.




After her birthday celebration Diana Arbenina still managed to make it to the morning press-conference. Vladimir Shakhrin and Vladimir Begunov kept her the company there. Turned out, all together they are participating in a music festival-live link-up MegaFonLive that is starting on July 16th. This is what was mostly discussed at the press-conference. There is an interesting set-up for the first time in Russia. All that is made possible by the new technology as the bands concerts will take place simultaneously in different cities. And then the artists during these parallel concerts will get joined by the live link-up in real time and sing the final song together. As it turns out, The Night Snipers and Chaif would sing together on the 21st.

Diana Sergeevna admitted that mobile technologies play a big role in her life. However with that said that she did not like all these various messengers. "I think all these whatsups, vibers and other "gum" distance us from each other. And that's why I use them cautiously. However, it is often much faster and more effective than regular messages. I like the fact that there is a choice how to communicate with people. That is why I no longer use VKontakte, I have deleted all posts in FaceBook, and only sometimes I post pictures in Instagram."

Komsomolskaya Pravda



Diana Arbenina was celebrating her birthday at festival Nashestvie and was in a playful mood. "Marry Shnur?Why not, love is evil!", was joking the rock singer while at the press-conference before her set. Though once on stage, she put on the "business" sexy lady and got the many thousand people audience to crazy excitement. And the most touching lyrical was left for the end as her six-year-old son Artem sang a song "Pomolchim" (Let's be silent)

Moskovsky komsomoletz



Diana Arbenina was celebrating her birthday on July 8. The lead singer of The Snipers is always quite creative when thinking about her sets at the festival. She had thrown roses into the audience, then brought a choir consisting of her fans. This time Snipers threw packs of gift sets of their CDs. There were quite a lot of them-I personally got hit by 5 packs on my head, so it was enough for a major part of the crowd. At the end Arbenina sang with her six-year-old son Artem. He came onto the stage in a beige jacket and a stylish black hat.

"Ok, stand straight, hold the microphone tight, sing into the microphone," was instructing his mom. "I know you are not the most serious guy, but please try."

Artem did try his best as he sang the song "Pomolchim" (Let's be silent) with his mom and it was extremely touching and sweet.




The Night Snipers' set was bright and dynamic, on a single nerve, and they even smashed a guitar at the end. Three girls from the audience got it, and then later were tenderly carrying it in the field and even caressed it like a sick child.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta



The Night Snipers and the lead singer Diana Arbenina, celebrating her birthday at Nashestvie along with the presentation of her new program "Only lovers will survive" were ones to last on the first day of the festival Nashestvie. The new songs by Diana Arbenina were received rather calmly, though her earlier songs such as "31-aya vesna", "Asfal't", "Tol'ko ti" and "Idi ko mne" were greeted as true hits. The singer surprised everyone with her duet singing of the song "Pomolchim" with her 6-year-old son Artem. During one of the songs the producer of the festival, Yury Dontzov, came out to the stage with a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers, presented a gift and tenderly kissed the birthday girl on the cheek. To remind, the program was accompanied by the scenography for each of the songs and the singer herself was on the roll that was even felt far from the fan zone.



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