Комсомольская правда: "Фестиваль НАШЕСТВИЕ-2016"

Diana Arbenina celebrated her birthday on stage following a tradition of many years. Now you can hardly recognize a daring girl from Piter, touched up by rough snows of Magadan; this year there was a lady on the stage wearing heels, tights and shorts. This time her 6-year-old son Artem congratulated his mom, coming onto the end of the stage after a song he sang with her with a flash light to wave to the crowd and thousands of hands with flash lights waved back at him. 

After the Snipers's set we decided to congratulate the artist and find out if she is afraid her child would get used to the stage from his childhood. 
-He did not even realize what was happening, in my view he was just waiving with his phone. He is a good kid, and he sang well. It was the first time tet-a-tet with him. And truly, it is hard to understand what is in his head now, he is quite independent. I doubt he can get the str syndrome from this performance. He was quite scared, but managed it and performed well. However, if it indeed happens, I can just spank him and it will all be normal again( laughing).
Would you like to attend such a concert yourself, as a spectator?
Unfortunately, I get recognized everywhere. I would love to one somewhere and party, but my face unfortunately gives me away no matter what kind of hats I wear. Though, why hide? I go to a concert, sit and enjoy it. 
- Today there was a big crowd that greeted you; do you know how many people saw you on stage?
- No, I do not know, do you know? I have problems with thousands. There will be a live link-up project MegafonLive with Chaif band; maybe there ( two bands will simultaneously perform in two cities, The Night Snipers in Khabarovsk, and Vladimir Shahrin Companions in Vladivostock and they will be connected by an online broadcast). 
Перевод - Рена Сташис

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