Марголис: В первый день «НАШЕСТВИЯ» больше всех впечатлила Арбенина

The host of the program Vozdukh (Air) on Nashe Radio Mikhail Margolis told NSN that the performance of The Night Snipers became the most memorable event of the first day of the largest Russian music festival Nashestvie.

"Diana's performance was not similar to sets of most of the bands at the festival, but was more like a separate concert of The Night Snipers band, as it was so fascinating. A great, well-organized and well- played concert, after which the performance of Leningrad band was like a cherry on top of the cake", admitted Margolis.

The 16th Festival Nashestvie -2016 is taking place in Bol'shoe Zavidovo in Tver region on July 8-10. This year's "biggest adventure of the year" was opened by the musicians from Splin band and The Night Snipers band became the headliner. Today, the baton was picked by DDT and on the last day of the festival would be passed to Bi-2.

On Saturday and Sunday such bands as 25/17, Louna, The Matrixx, AnimatziYa, Bi-2, Gil'Za, Kipelov, Knyaz', Krematory, Kukriniksy, Leningrad, Maksim Leonidov and Hippoband, Mgzavrebi, Mel'nitza, Nogu Svelo, The Night Snipers, Ol'ga Kormukhina, Pelageya, Pilot, Ser'Ga, Smislovye Gallutsinazii, Underwood, Chaif, Chizh&Co, Jupiter are expected to show up on the main stage of the festival. The organizers expect no less than 200 thousand people to attend the festival.


Перевод - Рена Сташис


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