Сын Дианы Арбениной эффектно дебютировал на сцене

Diana Arbenina surprised her fans on her birthday. Rock singer showed up on the stage of festival Nashestvie accompanied by her 6-year-old son Artem. Although the boy didn't just show up on stage to stand in front of 30 thousand people crowd, but actually sang one of his mom's songs together with her.

This was a true debut for Artem on a big stage. He was rather shy at first, but thanks to the support of the audience and his mom, he was able to gather himself and sing the song "Pomolchim"( Let's be silent.)
The performance of Diana together with Artem melted the hearts of even the toughest rockers. At the end, like a true artist, Arbenina's son bowed to the audience, thanked the fans for a warm welcome and even received a bouquet of flowers from the audience. Unfortunately, rock-singer's daughter was not present at the triumph of her brother at the festival. Marta got sick and stayed home with her grandmother.

This is not the first time when Arbenina brings her son to work with her. Last year the singer showed up in the company of her twin kids at the shooting of the TV program "Glavnaya szena" (Main Stage) where she participated as a member of the jury. A lot of people noticed back then that Diana's kids are not spoiled and are quite well-behaved.


Перевод Рены Сташис


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