Диана Арбенина: «НАШЕСТВИЯ» ждешь целый год, как своего дня рождения

The lead singer of The Night Snipers Diana Arbenina celebrates her 42nd birthday on July 8. In her program "Poslednii Geroi" ("Last hero") on Nashe Radio she told the NSH readers about the legendary festival Nashestvie and the artists that brought the most memorable performance.

About the importance of Nashestvie

Nashestvie is the most heroic, public, the most rock-n-roll festival in our country, and it is a big event. It's existence in our lives in spite of all the difficulties and complications, in spite of all, tells us that rock-n-roll is alive. It is very popular and in great demand in our country. It means people want to think, people want to be true to themselves, they don't just want to follow and think in stereotypes. People want to take their tents and leave for 3 days, behave as they wanted to behave when they were kids or as they wish to behave but never do in real life, which often can be difficult.

About artists at the festival

During its three days, festival Nashestvie will present lots of very interesting and cool bands, lots of young bands, lots of alternative music and much more.
And my absolutely most favorable band, our Piter's band, Splin, will open this festival.

About the first Nashestvie

This was during the wild times, The Night Snipers were invited to Nashestvie in 2001. The festival was held in Ramenskoye, and we were truly "green", quite inexperienced rockers. And of course, we were absolutely numb from happiness, when Mikhail Kozyrev called and said in his firm steady voice: "Diana, I am inviting you to participate in this year's Nashestvie." This was a voice of Santa Clause or some magician; a voice that I think any band that is at the beginning of their life desired and still desires to hear. Any band dreams of performing at Nashestvie and such offer truly makes you stop and think that you must have already achieved something. We started to think about our performance and how to make it interesting.

We were performing on August 5, on Misha's birthday, and the audience was over 100 thousand people. Our director, at the time Sveta Loseva, came up with this interesting idea. She painted lots of newspapers in yellow. They created such a construction for me, I was just like a rum baba, huge, all wrapped in these yellow papers. I remember I had some cap on my head. I wore red tshirt with Che Guevara on it and green pants in daisies. Only a hipster could look this way. Nevertheless, this was Nashestvie. So such rum baba was let onto the stage, and as soon as I reached the microphone, I ripped all these "yellow papers" from myself and having exclaimed 'Worthy music deserves dignified press,' we started our set. We performed not so well, played at sixes and sevens, though still with energy and drive. This was our first Nashestvie.

A piece of advice to the young artists

I think that the most important thing when you first come out to the stage in front of such audience is not to be afraid. Not to be scared and to just play, tear your strings and "tear" yourself and understand that this is your first step into the open space.

Play just like us, an unknown group from Piter born 23 years ago that became a headliner of the most democratic, public and uncombed, the only rock-n-roll festival. A festival that is free from snobbism of its organizers, pretentiousness. A festival that you truly wait for the whole year just like your own birthday.

About the set of Pilot band at Nashestvie

I saw a huge army of fans of Ilya Chyort ( Nashestvie 2008), this was simply amazing. They performed sometime before us; I was standing behind the stage and watched how people were reacting to the band I remembered yet from Spartak's time, this was our Piter rock club. They were dressed in bright dazzling orange overalls, and Ilya Chyort truly matched his name. He was devilishly cheering this wet crowd, and was sharing this amazing, damn cool energy with them; this was simply breathtaking. I saw a true young sexy rock band and audience that was ready to idolize them.

About DDT band and Yury Shevchuk

There had been so many times at Nashestvie when DDT, one of the most civil, vigorous, one of the most lyrical bands( in my opinion), took stage. Shevchuk played so many times at Nashestvie; not sure which year but once or even few times he was so involved in the action that he flew off the stage. Mitya Gorelov told me about that. I think I was already sitting at home in front of the TV and watched the festival's daily review when they announced that Shevchuk underestimated the distance and fell off the stage while performing. We were quite worried. In spite of his civicism, extraordinary intelligence, true unflashy courage, good, manly courage and fortitude, Shevchuk for me, first of all, is an unbelievably delicate individual.

This delicate person, still with these glasses, and with all his charm, I think he is very vulnerable. And I think he is very devoted in love. For me, his songs, not ignoring Rodina, or these songs that he wrote and still writes about what happens in our country, for me his songs are only about love and only about death. That is why this year Shevchuk will close the second day of the festival on July 9.

About the performances of Korol' I Shut band (King and Jester.)

At their concerts, Korol' I Shut were doing what is quite impossible to do standing by the microphone. It is possible to get absolutely drunk, lay beneath the microphone and sing, or do something else and jump in front of the microphone in a studio, but never reach the same effect as there was at the Korol' I Shut concerts. People who used to come and now come to Nashestvie have witnessed it few times. This is a true concert punk-rock.

When we saw Gorshenyov, a very shy person in real life and absolutely free character on stage; when we saw true Hercules, fortitude, samurai endurance of this band, Andrey Knyazev, and simply strongest frontmen of punk-rock, that was a tremendous show. I like the fact that after everything subsided, and people who were left after Gorshenyov proved themselves quite differently. Someone behaved in a strange way, someone continued to be man of honor, and I am quite pleased that my friend Alexandr Balunov wrote a book about Korol' I Shut band. He got a lot of help from Knyaz' for that book. This book is from the first hands and it is already finished, soon, it will be published and I can't wait for it to come out. When I feel blue, I read, for example, about the time when Korol' I Shut was receiving some pop music award, how they drank a bottle of cognac that they brought w them under a raincoat and which awesome t-shirts they were wearing.

About white color and Nashestvie

White for me is the most important color of Nashestvie; that is how I associate this festival. Not read, not black, but white. It could be because there is a lot of love on that huge field and lots of youth. It is the most peaceful festival that our country could have come up with. I remember one more time that is related to white clothes. It was back in 2004, I got a call from Maksim Vitorgan and he said: "Do you mind if we shoot you while you sing the song "Katastrophichecki"?"

I said: "Well, you chose a good song for that. And how are you going to shoot me?"

Then he said: "You will sing, and at the end of the song we will shoot a round of bullets, they will hit the special red paint bags you will have hidden under your white shirt." And I said: "Yeah, that is very cool."

Back then I was still ready for such experiments. Although we have not thought this through: they shot me, I had a picturesque fall all hit by bullets. However, then I had other songs and it was quite weird to stand after this and to explain to the audience that it was a happy resurrection. So, it felt very strange and I still remember the sun in my eyes, these dry shots and my last thought, "maybe this is how it feels when it happens for real?" And then I fell.

About friendship of rock and classics

The Night Snipers performed about ten times at Nashestvie. There are people who know more about me than I do, and they will tell you that it was more than ten. We played on the first day, the second day, the third, we played with special sets. Nashestvie gave me a great idea for the Snipers choir. Maybe one day we will bring the best rock-n-roll conductor to Nashestvie. In music everything is aimed at symbiosis. Classical music is a "great friend" of rock.

Invitation to come to Nashestvie from Arbenina

I invite all of you, young or old, venturous, young guys who just held a guitar for the first time; simply young guys; those in office suits that are eager to take them off and forget about going to an office; their bosses, the bosses' bosses; I invite young girls, mature women and everybody who has young blood in their veins. Come to Nashestvie!! July 8,9 and 10; three days of fun and drive, a power charge for yet another uneasy year. I am so sure it is all worth it.


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