Снайперский день в Беларуси

A double celebration was held by The Night Snipers for their fans in Belarus. On July 2, the band had two concerts on the same day in two nearby cities, Minsk and Mogilev.
First, the songs of Diana Arbenina were played for the fans in Minsk. The snipers' set started at 15:30 at theMOST festival that was being held third year in a row at the Borovaya aerodrome. The Night Snipers band was invited as one of the headliners of this year's festival. From the first minutes on the stage, Snipers impressed the audience with the amazing drive and energy. A few thousand people that came to the field enthusiastically listened to new songs from the recently released album Only Lovers Will Survive as well as the long time hits. 
During the breaks between songs Diana talked to her audience, congratulated everybody with the upcoming Independence Day of Belarus( celebrated July 3) and jokingly, with the current denomination of the local currency. Audience got especially thrilled when on that hot day Snipers threw few dozens of cold water bottles from the stage.
Second concert of The Night Snipers took place on that same day in Mogilev and was organized by the mayor's office as a gift to the city residents for the City Day along with the Independence Day of Belarus. There was an official part of the event preceding the concert with the official speeches and rewards given in different fields of activities. The Night Snipers took stage at 9 pm and presented an hour and a half long electric program.
Diana Arbenina started the concert with the greetings for her Belarus audience, specifically mentioning that with time she felt more connection with her historical roots( Diana was born in a Belarus city of Volozhin). As a special thank you to the motherland, Diana sang a folk song "Zasiyali zorki" which she traditionally sings only at her concerts in Belarus. 
Huge field of the city stadium did not let the audience get closer to the stage as it usually happens during rock concerts, so Diana Arbenina decided to shorten the distance between the audience and the musicians by herself. Few times during the concert she came down from the stage without stopping her songs,  and to the greatest joy of the audience, she even ran along the tribunes.
And even-though a major part of the audience that day differed from the usual attendees of the rock concerts, Snipers were received at the best level. The most surprising part was how actively the audience took on the flash mob for the song "Pomolchim" that became quite traditional. After Diana lit a flashlight on her phone on the stage, hundreds of lights lit up in response from the darkness of the tribunes.
Having started the program with her new songs, without which, based on Diana Arbenina's words, it is impossible to continue giving concerts, The Night Snipers finished their set with the biggest hits such as "Moryachok", "Rozy", "31aya Vesna", "Rubezh". 
Next meeting of The Night Snipers with the fans will take place on July 8 as the band will appear at the festival Nashestvie. A specially prepared program will be presented for the birthday of the band's leader Diana Arbenina. 
Перевод - Рена Сташис

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