Акустические концерты в Женеве и Монте-Карло

Diana Arbenina played two acoustic concerts in Europe in the end of June 2016. The first part of this year has been quite active for The Night Snipers as the band spent most of the time from mid February till end of spring touring with the concerts. Diana Arbenina also played quite a few acoustic concerts besides all the electric concerts-presentations of the new albumOnly lovers will survive.

More than 10 European cities had seen the Snipers' acoustic during Spring, and that list got expanded by two more cities on the map in June, Geneva( Switzerland) and Monte Carlo (Monaco).

Diana Arbenina played her acoustic concert in Geneva on June 29th; though the first encounter with this city happened long before that. Snipers' concerts were first held there in the fall of 2005 in Geneva and Zurich; one more concert in Zurich was held in 2014.

It has become a tradition to select a beautiful historic hall for a concert of Diana Arbenina. The Alhambra club, which was chosen for the concert, is located inside the building of an old cinema built in 1918-1920yy. This building is an architectural and historical monument of Geneva; it had been named the most beautiful cinema theater of the country back in the days, and in 1928 it was the first place in Switzerland where a film with sound was shown. 

The historical atmosphere of the hall and predominantly older mature audience all affected the overall mood of the concert. Concert came out to be a serious, lyrical and profound event. Diana read her poems, prose and exactly there she decided to present her song "Ochen'khotela" ( Wanted so much) in a new arrangement with piano.


The audience was full and spectators greeted each song with much warmth and did not want to let Diana go after the concert.
The second city of the June mini-tour was Monte-Carlo; it was Diana Arbenina's first concert in Monaco. This time, her meeting with the audience took place in a club-restaurant Joseph, a stylish modern place that is popular for youth parties and music concerts of artists from all over the world. 
This acoustic concert had a completely different mood with maximum rock-n-roll drive and energy. People in the audience momentarily caught the wave of energy coming from the stage as very few stayed in their seats. Most of the spectators went to dance and sing along the snipers' songs.
And again Diana Arbenina surprised her audience with an exclusive piece; her song Ma Vie was first played there under piano accompaniment. Although the playlist consisted of some lyrical songs, the priority was still given to the most energetic songs.
After a short break, Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers are going to Belarus where they will hold two concerts on the same day, July 2nd. And there is only ones little over a  week left before the biggest event of the summer 2016, festival Nashestvie.
Перевод - Рена Сташис

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