Вечеринка Sony Music и Ночных Снайперов в клубе "Керосин"

A party by Sony Music Rock together with Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers took place at Kerosine club on June 23, 2016.

When opening the event Diana Arbenina, who had just recently joined Sony Music, thanked the label for the support, then she moved on to the concert part of the event. Having sang only one song, the artist quickly reached the energetic unity with the audience. 

Next person on stage was Arina Dmitrieva, Sony Music Entertainment Russia's general director. She presented the musicians with a platinum disk that is used to mark the label's artists whose albums have sales over 100 thousand copies. 

Dmitrieva was able to exclusively disclose some details of the InterMedia agency's contract with Diana Arbenina:

- The rights for the concerts are fully held by Diana. We act solely as a record-label, and have rights for the release of her albums. By the way, the artist is planning to release a new album on February 5, 2017. It is quite nice that she has also transferred all the rights on the back catalogue (Arbenina has withdrawn rights that used to be held by other labels and transferred them to Sony Music- author).

Currently, we are discussing our further cooperation and joint efforts relating to the music release. The artist is planning to work on English music. Obviously, it is rather difficult for a local artist to get through onto an international stage, however, we are ready to support Diana in any case. Although, we still maintain Russia as a principal market. 

General director also shared some of the company's plans with us:

-Currently, we are actively starting to develop the vocal repertoire. We will expand cooperation with Russian musicians( something that Sony Music has not done before, at least actively). There are few young artists, and we will present them to the mass audience quite soon.

There were famous representatives of show business including general director of the National Federation of Music Industry(NFMI) Leonid Agronov, musical promoter Igor Tonkih, General producer of "Russian Mediagroup" Sergey Baldin, producer Leonid Burlakov, musical promoter Roman Unguryanu and others. Few of them also decided to speak about the cooperation of the label with Diana Arbenina.

-The reward itself ( platinum disk- author) means that the cooperation between the label and the artist was quite successful, mentioned Leonid Agronov. -Regarding the international market I think this artist has high chances and quite interesting options. A huge Russian speaking diaspora that exists outside of Russia loves and respects true Russian rock and personally, Diana Arbenina. They would want to buy her CD, download her songs, listen to them. Truly talented artists have amazing chances to become popular worldwide even though they do not sing in English. Diana is one of the symbolic musical icons in Russia, and can certainly become an international icon. 

Sergey Baldin also talked about artist's perspectives:

- You need a lot of components to be able to get onto the international market. So far, only Tatu band and few singles by Timati and Serebro turned out to be successful. This is a very difficult task.

I think a Russian speaking artist should work with Russian audience, though if she (Arbenina) wants to, she has lots of reasons to get to a new market. Partnership with Sony makes such task much easier.


Перевод - Рена Сташис


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