В Челябинске состоялась премьера спектакля «Поколение Маугли»

A premiere of the show "Generation Mowgli", a charitable musical with cast consisting of students of the creative development studio by the Fund "Opereniye" under the management of Konstantin Khabensky, was successfully held in Chelyabinsk.

Today, on June 24, media representatives attended the performance, and the actors and the organizers of the event shared their impressions of the musical.

The story of the musical "Generation Mowgli" is based on the famous fairy tale of Rudyard Kipling adapted to fit modern reality. The main character, a boy named Mowgli, runs away from a happy and prosperous family into the world of streets and yards in search of his truth.

The play has already been shown in five big cities where the studio of Konstantin Khabensky exists including Moscow, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Ufa and Novosibirsk. New celebrity artists of theater, stage and cinema are engaged in each of the cities along with young actors. Diana Arbenina, Timur Rodriguez, Konstantin Khabensky took part in the show in Chelyabinsk.
"I am very lucky that we have Konstantin Yur'yevich that creates all these wonderful projects. This summer would not have been full without this show. I was first engaged in that show two years ago in Kazan, and it was such an honor especially with all these great partners on stage", said Timur Rodriguez.
"I like the fact that Kostya is constantly adapting the show to a city where the cast is at the moment. That is not a constant form, as in played and left. Each show is built for those who are in the audience, to reflect the reality of each city. Today, when Sherkhan said he was going to visit his grandma in Churilovo, the audience laughed so hard that I almost fell. The kids that are engaged in the show from the studio are truly great and well mannered young individuals. I think they are the future intelligentsia of our country. When you look at them, you realize they are similar in thoughts to you and to what you feel. They truly help and are so happy in that. This distinguishes this performance, it is its zest, there is nothing like it in our country," noted Diana Arbenina.
"The audience in Chelyabinsk is very good, responsive, quite sensitive, it laughs and cries together with us. The show is constantly growing, becomes better in its quality and content, and we are growing together with it. What we played three years ago, even half a year ago is an absolutely different story. I am always surprised by the amazing working capacity of the kids in each city we work in. It is always more explicit when they understand why we come out onto the stage. We bring it to them step by step, and then their energy, working capacity and willingness to do it become ten times more, and this is something you cannot get used to. You get surprised to be "pushed" by the kids energy," said Konstantin Khabensky in an interview with the reporters. 
As a reminder, all the funds collected from the sale of tickets to the show "Generation Mowgli" are transferred by Konstantin Khabensky's Fund to the treatment of kids with oncological diseases. The show will be played again on the stage of the Naum Orlov drama theater few more times on June 25 and 26. 
Перевод - Рена Сташис

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