НОЧНЫЕ СНАЙПЕРЫ и SONY MUSIC представляют сингл «Наотмашь»!

This Friday, June 3rd, ITunes and other digital media users will witness the release of the single "Naotmash" (The Backhand) by The Night Snipers.

The fans of the band first heard that song on February 4th, during the concert dedicated to the release and presentation of the new album "Only lovers will survive", after the official press-conference held at Mummy-Trol bar. The song became one of the surprises of the presentation; Diana Arbenina rarely can keep her new songs a secret from her fans, and most of her new songs are presented during concerts long before their official releases. However, this time, nobody heard the new song "Naotmash" before its release.

During the new album presentation Diana Arbenina noted that the song "Naotmash" is one of her favourite tunes from the new CD:

"Overall, this is one big gamble as we produced a very bold song arrangement. This is a step forward musically, a combination of honesty, rage and refusal to use pure rock-n-roll".

The ITunes digital release of the "Only lovers will survive" coincided with the start of sales for the CD on February 5th. During the first days after the release, "Lovers" became the leader on the number of downloads amongst the Russian language albums for the last  year. For the past 4 months, based on the records of sales on all media, The Night Snipers album officially became a "gold" one, and it should receive a platinum status soon.

Fans were able to hear the live versions of the new album songs during concerts of the spring tour for the presentation of the new CD. The song "Naotmash" was presented at almost every one of more than 60 concerts of the Lovers -2016 tour; in that time it became a true hit. Audience praised its original sound, fell in love with it at once and quickly learned the words. Fans happily greeted the song during the concerts and sang along with the band.

Thus, this bright and memorable song was chosen by The Night Snipers, Sony Music and ITunes for the release of an official single. And in honour of the upcoming big acoustic concert of Diana Arbenina on June 2nd at the Moscow State Variety Theatre, it was decided to present another surprise and an acoustic version of the song was also included into the single.

Download of the single "Naotmash" will be available on ITunes starting June 3rd.

Single will also become available on other digital resources the same day.

And in the evening, there will be a radio premiere of the song "Naotmash"; thus, it will become the 4th song from the album "Only lovers will survive" that will be presented in the main chart of the Russian Rock "Chartova Dyuzhina" ( The Chart's dozen) on Nashe Radio.


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