Диана Арбенина считает, что выпускники проекта «Голос» теряют харизму

This weekend Diana Arbenina came to Naberezhnye Chelny to present her new album “Mal’chik na share”. The singer attracted a full house of spectators but before the concert she talked to the press. It was given 20 minutes for the conversation. Dressed in a pink tracksuit, Diana came to journalist, cheerful and sociable.

- Diana, it is not your first visit to Naberezhnye Chelny. How did you spend your time here?

- This time I went nowhere but I wanted to visit the local cinema to watch the new movie “Rodina” (The Homeland). But it was so cold outside, that is why I stayed in my room and played guitar. Later, I read a little and fell asleep. Perhaps, I will go to the cinema tomorrow.

- Once you have told that you always take your kids with you. Are they with you this time?

No, the children are at home. They go to the kindergarten and study languages. I would have taken them with me, but I think that it is wrong to take kids on tour very often.

- How do you manage to combine the image of a rock star and a caring mother?

- I am a mother for the children, the rest doesn’t matter. They listen only to my songs but I try to teach them to listen to classical music. Before going to bed I tell them fairy-tales and then they ask me to switch on my music. I always leave the room and close the door because I can’t keep listening to my songs all the time.

- Who would you like your children to be in future?

My daughter Marta draws very well, Artem likes music and doing sums. I don’t want them to repeat blindly my way. However, I believe that every child should receive basic music education.

- You are all-round person: you write songs, poems, take part in children’s musical. Where do you get so much energy?

Also, I draw. But all these I do not do for a show. And now I would like to concentrate myself on the music. I want to write new songs. Talking about the children’s musical – it is a charity.

- Do you have any plans as for the involving yourself in producing?

I am involved in TV project “Glavnaya scena” (The Main stage) now. I like that I am a jury member and I can evaluate the talent of the person. But I do not understand the meaning of the word “producing”. I treat it with a caution, because producing is associated with money. The main purpose of a producer is to make money and I don’t like it. My interest only is to help a person to do his/her work well, because there are so many people lack of talent around. Of course, there are many talented people too but no one sees them. It is harder for them to work their way forward.

- Talking about “Glavnaya scena”, there are many people who are displeased with way of your too strict judging of the participants…

This is God, who gave a talent to a person or didn’t give. There is nothing to depend on me. It is a test. The participants are waiting for their turn to perform on the stage all day long and they should not loose their courage when they can perform at last. There were the cases when the participants forgot the lyrics of the song. I told them in such situations that there was nothing terrible in it. The most important thing is to come out of an affair with honour. If I, for example, have some problems on the stage during my performance and as a result I get upset – the thing is not to show it to the audience, but find the way out of difficult situation.

- In which of projects did you like to participate more – “The Voice of the country” (Ukrainian analogue of “The Voice”) or in “Glavnaya scena”?

-I liked both seasons of “The Voice of the country” I took part in. My team won both of them. I like “Glavnaya scena” more, because you can see a person, who performs but not to sit turning back to the participant. It is not enough just to listen to a voice, because a voice is only 30 percent of the success. The most important thing is to have something to say, to be able to do it. Vysotsky was not a great vocalist but he had something to say. There are many of those nowadays, who have got music education, have got good voices but are empty inside. That is why the project “The Voice” leavers lose their charisma very often.

- You read a lot. What book did you take with you?

- I have got a project “Open library” in St. Petersburg. On the upcoming meeting with Vera Polozkova we are going to discuss the theme “Brodsky and St. Petersburg”. So, I reread Brodsky’s poetry.

- You have recently dyed your hair. Do you think of other changes in your style?

-? No, I like my style but if I want the changes you will see it.

- Share you plans.

-? We give concerts every day now. The next concerts will be in Izhevsk and Kirov. We came back from Dubai yesterday. The main plans are the new songs.

Author: Yulia Zaynullina

Translation: Victoria Riznyk


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