Диана Арбенина: «Я стану мертвой без рок-н-ролла…»

Diana Arbenina: “I will be dead without rock-n-roll”

On October, 24 there was a real sound of rock-n-roll on the stage of “Aksion” – The Night Snipers, headed by Diana Arbenina, visited Izhevsk.

The band was formed 22 years ago in St. Petersburg

- We have been playing rock-n-roll for all these years. We are going to play young, brave rock-n-roll without miming, - said the singer

The band opened the concert with the song “Tai”. After that song, dedicated to the northern capital St. Petersburg –the song “Piterskaya” (The Song of St. Petersburg) followed immediately. Then, to delight of all the fans the band performed well-known and favourite hits “Asphalt”, “Pogovori so mnoi, Olga” (Talk to me, Olga) and the song about all mothers and fathers “Dusha” (The Soul).

Few hours before the concert, Diana visited the studio of “NASHE Radio” in Izhevsk. She was really surprised by the fact that many people had been waiting for the presentation of the new album “Mal’chik na ashare” (The boy on the globe).

- Specially for some bore, who for sure will be at the concert, we will perform the song from this album.

“Club 27" is a song about people who have lived a little, but their names will always remain in our memory: Tsoi, Bashlachev, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain ...

- It is life-asserting song. Why is it life-asserting? It is true because music conquers the death.

The soulful song “Bratu” (To brother) from the album “Mal’chik na share” was also performed at the concert. After the song “Parakhody” (The Steamers) Diana mentioned one interesting fact – a babysitter from Izhevsk raises her children. The calls from the audience “Diana is allowed to do everything!” were heard during the whole concert. And, indeed, contrary to the concept of the concert Diana offered the audience to dance. It was not necessary to persuade people to do it at all. A minute later, people were standing in aisles and were dancing to the rock-n-roll beats. The Night Snipers also gladdened the fans with such music compositions as “Nabery moe imya v Gugle” (Type my name in Google), “Zvuchi” (Sound), “Fiesta”, Ty daryla mne rosy” (You gave me roses), “Moryachok” (The Sailor), “31 vesna” (31st spring). During the time of the concert Diana’s assistants had been changing the guitars and microphone stands needed for a certain song. “Rubezh” (The Borderline) was the final song of the concert. To the cheerful applause the musicians came onto the stage for encore. The song “Eto i est lubov” (And this is love) was performed and it was the first time during the concert when there was a silence in the concert hall. See you again! The musicians left the stage under the song “Jugo”.


Translation: Victoria Riznyk

Author: Maria Zagumennova


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