Детей Дианы Арбениной воспитывает няня из Ижевска

The singer has told about the most talanted poet from the capital of Udmurtia on the air of “NASHE radio”.

Today, on October, 24 the singer Diana Arbenina has come to Izhevsk. Before the concert, which took place in “Aksion”, she has visited the studio of “NASHE radio” and has been answering the questions of the host and the listeners for about an hour. She was surprised to get to know that there is a studio of “NASHE radio” in Izhevsk, which works and prospers.

- Of course, I knew that there was a studio in Izhevsk but taking into consideration that fact that a number of radio studios have been closed all over the country, it became a real surprise for me. It is great!

Diana Arbenina does not often give concerts in our city but she remembers the concert venue she was performing in.

- I remember there were a big beautiful church, a supermarket and place for trade nearby. Once, I was looking for something there, - explained Diana, drawing the scheme of it on the table-napkin. The main thing for her is to give people the opportunity to dance on her concerts. Because of this, she even quarreled with the security of the venue in Naberezhnye Chelny.


About favourite serial

Diana managed to watch the episodes of her favourite serial “Breaking bad” on the way to Izhevsk.

-It is just incredible! It is so cool! I have already watched the third episode of the third season. It is more interesting than “A games of thrones” for me.

One more interesting fact Diana told after the interview on radio (she also mentioned it at the concert) is that the babysitter of her kids is from Izhevsk.

-She is great! We are lucky!


About the album “Mal'chik na share” (“The boy on the globe”).

The album was released several years ago. We experienced difficult times in our band, there weren't any relationships between its members. So, I decided to record the album with the another group of musicians. Why did we do it in Thailand? It happened because of the following reason. Since the time of recording the album “Tsunami” all the following albums we have been recording with Eugene Stupka, a great guy from Kiev. Once he called me and asked if I wanted to go to Thailand to record the album. I asked him was it the nearest place to do it that he had found? He told that there was a really good recording studio there. So, we went to Thailand and recorded “Mal'chik ns share”.

I am not interested in this album any more because it is all in the past. It happened in January of 2014. Later, in October the situation when I was called the enemy of the nation and all my concerts were canceled took place. It is everything ok now. We play concerts. We have already recorded the new album. It is enough to talk about that “Malchik na share”.


About the poet Yashka Kazanova

The singer is sure that one of the best young Russian poets lives in Izhevsk.

I take this opportunity to say that Izhevsk is a city that gave our country the best of the contemporary young poets. This is a girl named Yasha Kazanova. She has recently published her book. I want to tell that nowadays there is no one who writes such great poems like she does. No one. She is the most talented young poet. Remember my words that Izhevsk will be inscribed in the tablets of the modern as well as classical Russian poetry.

At the end of the phone-in Diana Arbenina chose the best three questions that she was asked by the audience and the winners will get the photo with the autograph of the singer.

Author: Ksenia Aksenova

Photo: Eduard Karipov

Source: izhlife.ru

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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