Диана Арбенина в Ижевске: ваш город подарил стране лучшего поэта современности

On October, 24 The Night Snipers came to Izhevsk to give a concert. Diana Arbenina became the guest in the studio of “NASHE radio” in Izhevsk just a few hours before the concert. The singer arrived to our city from Naberezhnye Chelny where she had given the concert before. Izhevsk is a known city for her. She performed here in 2011. Also our city is a birthplace of her favourite poet and the babysitter of her children.

- Izhevsk is a city that gave our country the best of the contemporary young poets. This is a girl named Yasha Kazanova. She has recently published her book. I want to tell that nowadays there is no one who writes such great poems like she does. No one. She is the most talented young poet. Remember my words that Izhevsk will be inscribed in the tablets of the modern as well as in classical Russian poetry! – told Diana Arbenina in the studio of “NASHE radio” (103, 8 FM).

The concert will take place in “Aksion” at 7. p.m. The new songs “etonemne” and “Istoriya” will be performed there.


Translation: Victoria Riznyk


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