Дубай - та же Москва-сити, увеличенная в размерах

The Night Snipers have performed in the Middle East for the first time ever.

The day before, The Night Snipers have given the concert in Dubai. The band have performed there for the first time. Diana Arbenina, the soloist of The Night Snipers, has shared her impressions about performing in such an exotic place with the readers of NNS (National News Service), being the guest of the programme "Za scenoi" (Behind the scenes) on "NASHE Radio".

"By and large, Dubai is similar to "Moscow-city", but it is bigger. And, of course, the idea to come there without a concert, would never come to my mind, because I would have no time to study that "concrete jungle". There is a lot of beauty there but it is not for me, it is not my cup of tea", - Diana confessed.

Let us remind you that Diana Arbenina's programme "Posledniy geroy" (The last hero) is on the air of "NASHE Radio" every Wednesday at 11 p.m. The first three episodes can be listened to on the website nashe.ru


Translation: Victoria Riznyk

Dubai is similar to "Moscow - city" but it is bigger
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