Надо быть верным своей истории, а не спасать мир

During the press conference “Hot autumn” of The Night Snipers rock-band, Diana Arbenina, the soloist of the band has told that she understands the way the people live in our country nowadays. She has also admitted that people cannot afford themselves to visit concerts because they do not have money for it and it is the fault of the officials, who are engaged in something that is not needed to be engaged in.

Instead of making decisions regarding concerts, the officials should make concrete decisions. The soloist refuses to recognize that it is difficult time now. “Everyone thinks that he or she lives in a period of difficult times that he or she isn’t lucky. People think “What nice would it be if I lived in 1960s, everything would turn out to in other way!” But it wouldn’t be in such way! Because every epoch has its own place, its own specific features”.

The singer has remembered fall of 2014 when her concerts were cancelled. Thinking about those difficult weeks, she says: “I will never forget it. I don’t want sponge the memory of it, because I had been treated very cruelly and unjustly”. Judging by her words, this situation taught her not to bury her head in the sand and urged her to continue to do her work – to play music when and where she wants.

“I know that there is nothing bad in The Night Snipers particularly and in rock-n-roll music in general. It has never been appealing for wars. The only thing you can do in the modern world is to stay tolerant, sober-minded person. You don’t have to save the world, just be devoted to your own story. The main task of every person is trying to remain herself/himself in the world of the constant traffic jams and “timeless winter”, - Arbenina added.

Diana Arbenina told about her acting in a musical performance. The project in which she has debuted successfully, has already been premiered in St. Petersburg. Today is its Moscow premiere. Konstantin Khabensky and Ekaterina Guseva also take part in this musical performance.


Source: REN.TV

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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