Пионерские чтения в театре «Современник»

On October, 14 “Pioneer Readings” took place at the “Sovremennik” theatre in Moscow and united the columnists of the October issue of “Ruskiy Pioner” (Russian Pioneer) magazine. The theme of the issue was “The Time”.

This time Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, poet, musician and regular columnist of the magazine performed the role of the event’s host. She has already had experience of holding such kinds of events before, hosting “Pioneer Readings” in May of 2015, which was dedicated to Victory Day.

As well as other participants, Diana read her column, devoted to the theme “The Time”.

“the thing is simple. there is no time and there is plenty of time. and it is a trap. each of us get stuck in it like a fly into a jelly… smile makes us alive and we are stronger than time as long as we are alive.”



Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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