Жаркий октябрь Ночных Снайперов

On October, 15 at 13:30 (Thursday), the press conference of The Night Snipers' leader Diana Arbenina will take place at the press centre of National News Serviсе information agency. Press conference theme is "Hot October of The Night Snipers".

October of 2015 is going to be eventful.

On October, 7 Diana Arbenina's programme was started on Nashe Radio.

Moscow premiere of the children's musical performance " Mowgli Generation" will take place on October, 15 in Kremlin Palace.

On October, 16 The Night Snipers are going to continue their fall concert tour around Russia. The concerts will be performed in 10 cities of the country. On October, 21 for the first time ever in its history, the band will give the concert in one of the biggest cities of the Middle East - Dubai.

The most important event of this autumn will be the fisining of the thirteenth band's album recording. The band was working on the album recording during the summer break, before the concert season. Fourteen compositions of the upcoming album is almost ready to be released.

"Posledniy geroy" (the Last hero) radio programme. The portraits of famous people from Diana's point of view.

The way the recording of the new album is going on.

The debut of performing on the theatre stage. Will be there the continuation of such creative experience in future?

The pecularities of fall concert tour: what surprises are prepared for the audience?

The premiere of the new song "Istoriya".

All these events Diana Arbenina is going to speak about at the press conference.

The press conference will take place at the press centre of National News Service information agency, the adress is Narodnogo Opolcheniya street, 29, korp. 2

The press conference will start at 13:30.

Live webcast will be available on nsn.fm


Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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