Диана Арбенина в «Открытой библиотеке»

On October, 31 Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, poet, writer and musician for the first time ever will become the participant of the traditional monthly “dialogues”, which usually take place at St. Petersburg library named after Mayakovsky (Mayakovsky library) as a part of an “Open library” project.

“Open library” is a cultural project, which was started in 2012. Its aim is to unite the creative forces of Russia, to increase public interest in literature and art processes. The most significant literary, public figures, journalism’s most significant figures and scholars are invited to take part in “Open library” project.

This time “October dialogues” will be the meeting of two brilliant poets Diana Arbenina and Vera Polozkova.

Soon we will inform you about the details of the upcoming event.

There is free admission to the “Open library” event.


Translation: Victoria Riznyk.

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