Арбенина начинает карьеру ведущей «НАШЕго Радио»

Belarusian singer, talented musician and poet Diana Arbenina who is a longtime leader of The Night Snipers rock-band is going to start the new round of her career. Diana is going to try her hand at the role of radio host.

The radio station Nashe Radio, which deals with Russian rock-music, has invited the singer to take part in a new project “Posledniy geroy”. Diana Arbenina will conduct interviews and communicate with the guest musicians in studio of Nashe Radio.

The star conversations are going to be pretty informal. According to the announcement, the new radio host and her guests will discuss not only the music themes but also different issues including life experience, dreams, literature and cinema. The authors of the upcoming radio programme described its concept as “the communication of people who understand each other”.

The star guests of Diana’s debut programme will be the legendary musician Garik Sukachev, Alexei Kortnev, the soloist of “Neschatniy sluchai” band and Naik Borzov, the leader of “Infection” band.

In addition to her core music activity, Diana Arbenina is involved in many other projects. In particular, she is actively engaged in a solo career, takes part in television projects and cooperates with other rock-bands and singers.


Author: Galina Ryzhniak

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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