Блондинка Арбенина показала Ульяновск маме

Тhe concert programme “Malchik na share”, consisting of the songs from the eponymous album that has been performed in Ulyanovsk has topped the ranking of the music novelties according to the annual results. And it is not in vain. It became not only the high day for all the rock music lovers but also it was a gift for the fans of the superfine light shows and even the pathos and pomposity of the main stage of Ulyanovsk didn’t influence the atmosphere of the concert. In addition, Diana Arbenina and her musicians have revealed remarkable acting talents if taking into consideration that each part of the concert has been carefully rehearsed but the band managed to perform each song in such way it sounded like an impromptu. Arbenina has ventured on a drastic experiment and appeared before the audience in a totally new look of “bright” blonde. Behind the scenes, she had admitted that initially she dyed her hair only for the filming in the music video for the song "etonemene”. Then she took a closer look at herself and decided to leave the colour of her hair as it was.

- I was wearing a cap at first and the rumors that I had shaved my head and was completely bald began to ooze out. So, I had to spill the beans about it.

It was mentioned that Arbenina is from Belarus and Diana even has remembered about the favour that the president Lukashenko had done for The Night Snipers. “He decreed that there should be 75 percent of Belarusian music on the local radio stations. In some miraculous way we were included into this percentage, though, in my opinion, we have almost nothing to do with Belarusian music. On the other hand, such promotion wasn’t bad for us. Belarusian people are very cheerful despite rather rigidly structured state. And this year for the first time ever I have celebrated my birthday in Minsk”.

Ulyanovsk, the city that has been already visited by Diana for several times, also got the portion of verbal love from the Night Snipers’ leader.

-Ulyanovsk is already a hometown for me. And I am not flattering. There is no pathos in the citizens of Ulyanovsk.

As a kind of retrospection the conductor of the express “Moscow – Ulyanovsk”, who once called Diana “honey” has been also mentioned. And this time also the conductors of the train were trying to boost her low spirit:

-When my twins Marta and Artem were accompanying me to Kazan Railway Station to say good-bye, they suddenly realized that their mom was going on tour for a long time and my son burst into tears. Marta also began to cry. It was a kind of a chain reaction. That’s why I didn’t feel myself cheerfully at all. The conductors told me that they sometimes had been far from home for eight days. And I have calmed down.

Sometimes the singer takes her twins with her, but only one by one. Diana explains:

-When they are together – they are the gang. They will not give me the possibility to work. Especially Artem. There would be nothing left from a dressing room. They are 5, 5 years old now, it is so nice age. The kids are overwhelmed with emotions. And as it became clear not long ago they listen and enjoy the music of mom’s band. By the way, I hadn’t any influence on their devotion to my music. Having returned one day home after concert tour, I found out that they knew all my songs by heart. To tell the truth, after the birth of kids I became more gentle and more vulnerable person. I understand that it will be hard for them to do better than their mother in life. The main traits I want to cultivate in them are an industry (when they are touring with me, Artem helps the sound engineer or brings the musicians music instruments. Marta works as my “costumier”) and the desire to be themselves.

This time instead of children Diana took her mother with her to Ulyanovsk. She works in The Night Snipers band and watches every daughter’s concert. She doesn’t regret about letting Diana go St. Petersburg in 1993, “to nowhere”.

-I would have to teach Russian to foreigners in Alaska, - tells Diana, - And I had a fiancé. My mother had been urging me not to leave it all. “Let the music to be your hobby”, - she said. I felt sick of the word “hobby”. And mother thought it would be better not insist on that. I am still proving my mother, performing every concert that I was right to choose the music.


Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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