Осенний тур Ночных Снайперов продолжается

The Night Snipers have started their fall tour with three bright concerts in Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary and Yoshkar-Ola, the cities that have not been visited for more than three years. The audience that has been waiting for the band’s concert for so long time enjoyed the concert programme “Mal’chik na share” (The boy on the globe) based on the songs from the eponymous album of 2014. Well-known music compositions as well as some songs that have not been officially released yet were also performed at the concerts.

The premiere of Diana Arbenina’s new song “Istoriya” became the most memorable moment of the tour. The concert version of the song was performed on October, 2 at the concert in Cheboksary with simultaneous presentation of it in chart “Chartovaya Duzhina” on Nashe Radio. The next day, on October, 3 the performing of “Istoriya” in Yoshkar-Ola coincided with the premiere of the song on television in TV show “Glavnaya scena” on “Russia-1” channel.

Having returned from Volga region, The Night Snipers have taken a little break for a couple of days to continue the work on recording of the new album in studio. Diana Arbenina has proceeded to her duties of a jury member in TV show “Glavnaya scena” which goes on air every Saturday.

On Fridays we are going to monitor the progress of the song “Istoriya” in the rock-chart “Chartovaya Duzhina” on Nashe Radio. Let us remind you that on October, 7 the author’s programme of Diana Arbenina “Posledniy geroy” will start on Nashe Radio.

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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