Диана Арбенина: Дайте детям настоящие книги. Не обманывайте их!

Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, specially for NNS (National news service) has commented on top - 4 of the main news of the week.


Top – 1: The festival of children’s and family reading has started in Moscow.

Children have communicated with poets and writers. In addition, teachers and psychologists have taken part in the festival too. Kids were happy to enjoy a nice surprise - a show of soap bubbles, entertaining tricks and, of course, a book was presented to every child.

Diana Arbenina: Bravo! As a mother of two children, who does not use any gadgets except real, paper books I support this initiative. It would be interesting for me to participate in this festival. Give the real books to children. Do not deceive them.

Top – 2: The half of Russian pensioners consider themselves to be happy

These are the results of the research. The happiest pensioners live in the North Caucasus. Particularly, old people in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan consider themselves to be quite satisfied with their lives, according to the research. Not so happy are the pensioners, living in the north of the country - in Murmansk region, Komi and Karelia.

Diana Arbenina: I would like to live to the retirement age for me to understand whether I would be happy or unhappy pensioner. It is an interesting research and absolutely explainable one. There are many cheerful people in the south. The people who live in the north are more composed.

Top – 3: “Active citizens” will be encouraged with the free movie tickets.

The Government of Moscow and the theaters of the capital have started a joint project. The main condition is to take part in a service “Active citizen”. The members of the project will get point for each voting. The points can be exchanged for a ticket to the theatre. It will be possible to watch the plays in such theatres as “Sovremennik” theatre, Moscow State Theatre of Musical Comedy, “Lenkom” and Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre.

Diana Arbenina: What an amazing news, guys! It’s a great initiative! I welcome it!

Top – 4: Ralph Lauren has announced that he will step down from his post as chief executive officer

Stefan Larsson, who worked for H&M and served as global president of Old Navy will take over CEO for Lauren.

Diana Arbenina: Ralph, what are we going to do without you? Can you change your mind?

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

Diana Arbenina: Give the real books to children. Do not deceive them
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