Мне не западло показывать людям клевый инструмент!

The leader of the Night Snipers rock-band gave guitar masterclass, playing the music instrument of the legendary Gibson brand. Shortly before the event’s beginning, Diana Arbenina told NNS (National News Service) why she had chosen precisely that brand of the guitar, about the geography of upcoming masterclasses and how the band is going to delight the fans in the nearest future.

-Is this the first guitar masterclass that you are giving?

-No. The first masterclass I gave took place not far from Moscow. It was also Gibson, because I am an Ambassador of this brand’s guitars in our country. That’s why there is nothing devastating for me in doing this. I feel I am in my right place. These are the guitars I have been devoted to all the years of my creative activity. I’ve been playing this brand’s guitars for already 15 years, starting with Chet AtkinsIt is a semi-acoustic guitar.

- Why did you decide to repeat this experiment?

I clearly understand the goals I have to set as a person who takes up the instrument. I know that Gibson guitar fits me perfectly. That’s why I decided to repeat this experiment today. It is not something out of the common for me to show the cool instrument to the people and help them as quickly as possible to find the way to the right sound of rock music.

- And what about the masterclass in which you would present yourself to the audience not as a musician, but, let’s say, as a mother? Many successful people are engaged in such kind of activity nowadays.

-Do you want me to tell you how to bring up children? I can! If speaking seriously, I am here today not as a musician but as a person who explains why I am doing things the way I am doing. But still, I am not a solo guitar player and I have the completely different tasks. Moreover, I go on stage not only to play the guitar, but also do it with such a message to make people fall in love with rock music. I am not trying to avoid the answering right now but it is not a masterclass of musician only – I am not a solo guitar player, as I have already mentioned before. I have never had such hobbies. I prefer rhythm guitar and I started with playing acoustic guitar. It is not too much for me to share my experience with people if they need it but it is not necessary to make a show of this. If I am offered the theme I’ll be able to speak on I will do it, of course. Why not?

-Tell us about your tour schedule. Are there any plans how to surprise the audience?

-It is all simple. We started our season on September, 13 with the concert in Moscow. Then we began to expand a little bit our concert geography to Moscow region in order to start touring around the central part of Russia and in November we are going to Far East of our country. There will be many concerts there and we won’t return to Moscow for some time. I like such "progressive" movement very much. The big tour will have the bright finale – we are going to perform the joint concert together with Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Yuri Bashmet in Moscow. We are in Moscow right now, because the new album is going to be released in winter.

-How long have we to wait to listen to the new songs?

-I don’t know whether I anticipate or nor, but on October, 2 on Nashe Radio the single from our new album will be premiered. It is called “Istoria” (The Story). This song largely determines the vectors of the album.

Source: National News Service

Translation: Victoria Riznyk


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