Осенний концерт в клубе "Москва"

Dear friends!

There is good news for those, who always come short of The Night Snipers' concerts and who want to feel again the sincerity of the favourite band's rock'n'roll sound! On September, 13 the traditional fall concert of Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers will take place on the stage of "Moscow" club. The band's fans know that the "snipers'" concerts are not repetitive, they are unique, because each of the performances is not just music but real hurricane of emotions. There aren't any banal standarts and patterns. Everything that is going on the stage is just here and now, all this is sincerely. It is the most priceless thing.

See you soon at the concert!

The tickets cost 1500 rubles in "Moscow" club booking-office and from 1600 rubles on concert.ru



Translation: Victoria Riznyk


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