Диана Арбенина в жюри «Главной сцены»!

Having returned to Moscow after summer holidays, Diana Arbenina, the leader of The Night Snipers, has immediately got down to work. On September, 2 the shooting of the second season of the music TV project “Glavnaya scena” on the channel “Russia 1” has started. Diana will be one of the jury members of the show. Her fellow colleagues will be Nikolay Noskov and Valery Leontiev. A qualifying round during which the candidates for the participation in the TV project should present to the audience and jury members their performances is going to take place at the beginning of September. The best candidates will be chosen to become the members of the star mentors’ teams and will get the chance to reach the final of the show and get the grand prize – music tour around the country.

The role of the mentor for the young talents is not new for Diana Arbenina. Few years ago she twice led her pupils to the victory in the Ukrainian music TV show “The Voice of the country”. Also she was a guest jury member in such shows as “The Minute of glory”, “CTC lights a superstar” and “Factor A”.

Diana Arbenina and The Night Snipers are going to open their concert season on September, 13, performing the concert in “Moscow” club. After that the band will go on a big tour around Russia as well as other countries.

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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