Диана Арбенина дает урок игры на гитаре участникам благотворительного проекта «Поколение М»

MTS, the leading mobile network operator in Russia and CIS announces a new creative masterclass, which is available for all the Internet users on the official website of the charity project "M Generation» dobroedelo.mts.ru. This time, Diana Arbenina, the leader of Night Snipers rock-band, has given guitar lessons to the kids of all ages.

What the rhythmic pattern and guitar tunings are, how to master the technical skills of guitar playing – all these Diana has told about. Masterclass is for the children of different ages who want to develop and improve their creative abilities and skills in playing musical instruments. Diana Arbenina’s tips as for the strings, suitable for children, the way how to choose the first musical instrument for a child as well as the recommendations on the technique and style of guitar songs performing are already available to watch on the official website of the project in the "Masterclass" section.

“Giving masterclasses to children is completely new experience for me and I have never done it before. It is a great responsibility to give pieces of advice as well as to teach somebody, especially to teach kids. I tried to teach the children the way I would teach my own kids. I will be happy if, at least, one child decides it seriously to learn playing the guitar after my masterclass”, - said the leader of The Night Snipers.

Diana Arbenina actively cooperates with “M Generation”, the charity project of MTS company. The singer performed the part of Bagheera in the musical play «Mowgli Generation". Konstantin Khabensky, Aleksey Kortnev, Ekaterina Guseva, Yuri Galtsev and Alexander Kerzhakov were Diana’s stage partners. Her debut of performing on the theatre stage took place in St. Petersburg on June 20-22 in “Music Hall”. The musical play “Mowgli Generation" was sold out for every performance.

Every participant of the project will be able to see Diana’s theatrical role and act out a dialogue with a star online in a creative contest of acting technique “Act a part with a star” on the website of “M Generation”. The participants are offered to record Fox and the Little Prince’s dialogue from the story by Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince" together with Diana Arbenina, who performs the part of Fox.

About Diana Arbenina

Diana Arbenina is a singer, musician and poet, the leader of The Night Snipers rock-band, the author of more that 200 songs and poems. Arbenina’s songs became the soundtracks of dozens of popular Russian films such as “Den’ radio”, “Tochka”, “Ya ostayus”, “My iz buduschego 2”, “Atlantida”. Diana Arbenina is a winner of Russian Independent Award “Triumph” for achievements in literature and art. Her book of poems “Dezertir sna” was published in 2007, another book “Kolybelnaya po-snaipersky” appeared in 2008. In spring of 2012 “Autodafe” was published. The leader of The Night Snipers is actively engaged in audio books dubbing, she gives solo acoustic performances in a “house concert” format. Diana raises two children – Marta and Artem.

About “M Generation” project

Russian charity project “M Generation” was founded by MTS company and Konstantin Khabensky’s Charity Fund and is aimed on the development of creative talents of children from different parts of the country as well as on raising funds for seriously ill kids. The project was awarded the Stanislavsky Prize in 2014 for the development of children's talents in the regions of Russia and providing immediate and active assistance to seriously ill children.

The project consists of two parts: the theatrical and the virtual. The main theatrical event of the project is a charity children's musical performance "Mowgli Generation". In 2014 the citizens of Kazan and Ufa got the chance to put on that performance. In March of 2015 the performance of "Mowgli Generation" took place in Moscow. In June of 2015 “Mowgli Generation" was presented to the audience in St. Petersburg and the musical play was included into the cultural programme of SPIEF – 2015. The performance is going to be put on in Novosibirsk till the end of the year.

The virtual part of the project is a website dobroedelo.mts.ru and the group in the social network VKontakte - https://vk.com/pokoleniye_m, where children can reveal their talents by participating in different contests and masterclasses. The visitors get points for viewing of photos and video, writing comments, voting on the internet portal, as well as for putting "likes" and making "reposts" in social networks and in such a way they credit the charity account of the project the balance of which is updating on the homepage of the website all the time. At the end of the year MTS will transfer all the accumulated points into real money, which – as well as the funds from the sale of tickets for all the performances of "Mowgli Generation" – will be used for the treatment of children. During 2014 and the first quarter of 2015 the charity project collected more than 8 million rubles, more than 365 thousand children from different parts of the country became the participants of creative contests on the site "M Generation". Internet audience of the project is more than 8 million people.


Source: MTS website

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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