Диана Арбенина: Жду, когда появится кто-то, равный Высоцкому по духу

On the anniversary of Vysotsky death Diana Arbenina told NNS (Narional News Service) that she was looking forward to the day when someone equal in spirit to Vysotsky would appear. There was thirty-fifth anniversay of Vladimir Vysotsky death on July, 25. The dedicated fans of poet, singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky have been bringing flowers to his grave all day long. His song and poems have been performed there on that day. Giving NNS an interview Diana Arbenina, the leader of the Night Snipers rock-band, has pointed with sorrow that there were no such artists, poets like Vladimir Vysotsky.

"One more year has passed but the poet or musician who could be equal in strength and spirit to Vladimir Vysotsky haven't appeared. I' d like it very much that there would be a person who could sing Vysotsky's songs right and sincerely without capitalizing on the personality of that strong and outstanding person",-said Diana in her interwiev.

Traditionaly, the fans of Vysotsky's creation gather near his grave twice a year - on the day of his birth (January, 25) and on the day of his death. It has become a family tradition for many people.

Vladimir Vysotsky wrote more than 600 songs and poems. He performed 20 parts in theatre and played nearly 30 roles in the movies the most famous of which are " Mesto vstrechi izmenit' nel'zya", "Stryapukha", "Korotkie vstrechi", "Sluzhili dva tovarischa", " Vertikal'".


Source: NNS (National News Service)

Translation: Victoria Riznyk

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