Диана Арбенина спела в Минске на белорусском языке

On the 9th of November, there was a concert of “The Night Snipers” in Minsk, headed by their permanent leader - Diana Arbenina. “Snipers” performances in Belarus are always having a special, remarkable mood: a native of the Belarusian city of Volozhin, Diana Arbenina has repeatedly pointed out that there is no other place, where she can sing and breathe as free, as in her homeland.

The performance in the PRIME HALL club in Minsk became one of the first after a long enforced break in “The Snipers” touring: the big tour of the band around Russian cities, scheduled for autumn, turned out to be disrupted. In addition, for “Snipers”, in whose biography there's also a “Belarusian page”, this concert became more than just another tour. This was a real homecoming – they came to see their friends and acquaintances, to tell them kind words during that evening, to give them the present of their best songs, to express their love. That's why there was such a special, “home” kind of atmosphere in the PRIME HALL the whole evening through, and the time flew by unnoticed.

Diana Arbenina started her performance with the songs “Brahms” and “Adrenalin” from the new album “A Boy on a Ball”, released this summer. Musical compositions from this album formed the major part of the concert program, many of them were performed in Belorussian for the first time. The concert playlist contained new songs as well as long-term timeless favorites of the audience, such as “Asphalt”, “Hunting Wolf Cubs”, the legendary “31st Spring”, “Frontier” and the song 'to protect men' - “Sailor boy”. In the pauses between the songs Diana was cheerfully greeting the audience, commenting on her own songs, telling how she was walking around Minsk, hanging out with passers-by just several hours before the show.

One of the special highlights of the concert was the performance of the Belarusian folk-song “The Dawn breaks shining”. It is already a tradition – for more than 10 years Diana has been singing this song on each and every concert of hers in Minsk. The concert of “The Night Snipers” proved to be a real feast for the audience: that night there were far not only the citizens of Minsk, who gathered in the PRIME HALL. Specially for “The Snipers” concert fans came here from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other cities of Russia. Diana thanked the loyalty of the 'travelers' from the stage. The audience responded with mutual appreciation: throughout the concert people were passing bouquets of flowers and various gifts to Diana - from teddy bears to Marina Tsvetayeva's poem books.

After the show there was a long line at the door of Diana's dressing room: dedicated fans wanted to get autographs on the book “Stalker”. The concert tickets and the new album “A Boy on a Ball” were used for that as well. Hurrying to catch the night train, Diana Arbenina was carrying a huge bouquet of white roses, and the musicians of “The Night Snipers” helped her carry all the rest of the flowers that she decided to take with her to Moscow.


Photo by Yelena Khatzkevitch

Перевод: Ekaterina Raykova-Merz

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