Диана Арбенина выступит с литературными чтениями в пяти британских университетах

Students of five British universities including Cambridge, Edinburgh, Durham, London and Oxford will have a chance to meet Diana Arbenina.

The singer will present her new book “Sprinter”, which includes a collection of her poems and prose, and will as well interact with the new international generation of today's youth. This November there will definitely be no chance to get bored on the campuses of Great Britain as Diana Arbenina, the leader of “The Night Snipers” band, one of the iconic figures of the present-day Russian rock music, is coming with her visits.

Arbenina has already repeatedly performed in the British capital, but this time she comes on the invitation of the leading British universities and the Academia Rossica organization. Diana will hold literary readings in Edinburgh, Durham, Cambridge, Oxford and the University of London – Kings Russia Institute. The lyrics of Arbenina are always current and close to real life. It is about issues and things important for youth these days such as love, freedom, bravery, self-actualization, recklessness and the ability to dream.

Arbenina's creativity finds more and more fans among young people. Diana visits universities not only to present her creative work and her book “Sprinter”, which includes a collection of her poems and prose, but also to hear the voice of the new international generation of today's youth. These are young people who were born in one country, study in another and live in a wide international community, which the British universities are representing today. This is the generation that lives in a world without boundaries, and the world that belongs to them; the generation that will be making decisions on the world's destiny in 10-15 years. The recitals in Great Britain to students interested in contemporary Russian literature and art will take place both in Russian and in English. Diana Arbenina will read her poems, stories and essays, as well as engage in dialogues with the audience and answer questions from the audience about art and literature. During this trip Arbenina will return to her own university years and career choice as she graduated from Saint Petersburg University in 1998, majoring in "Russian as a foreign languagе". Though of course, Arbenina won't be there to give boring lectures. With Diana's incredible charisma and her true rock'n'roll energy there is no doubt she will light up any hall and wind up any audience.

*** The schedule of performances:
 16 November – Cambridge
 18 November – Edinburgh
 19 November – Durham
 20 November – Oxford
 21 November – London, Kings Russia Institute.

Перевод: Ekaterina Raykova-Merz

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