Диана Арбенина снялась в фильме к 20-летию WWF России

"The Night Snipers'" leader Diana Arbenina starred in a movie about preserving the biodiversity in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia). The WWF "Biodiversity" program is specially designed to try to make the RF Red Book a little bit thinner. In the framework of this program, existing protected areas are supported and sustained, and new ones are created, thus giving a chance to protect and save rare plants and animal species.

"I live on planet Earth. And do you know what?", said Diana Arbenina addressing the audience.  "I really do not want to become the only type of "animal" here. I think it will be lonely here without them. Don't you?"

By the way, in 2013, Diana Arbenina became one of the star-ambassadors of the ecological organization, and then in February 2014, she became a curator of the program protecting snow leopards. In March,  the singer took part in the world-wide action "Earth Day", aimed to draw people's attention to the necessity to save natural energy resources. The WWF's movie, dedicated to the preservation of the biodiversity of planet Earth, will be finished by the end of the year and will be the third one in the series of the jubilee videos of the WWF Russia. TV-host Anton Komolov ("Green Economy") and musician Alexey Kortnev ("Forests") also took part in the  movie. To find out more information about the program “Biodiversity” you can visit the web-site wwf.ru.

Перевод: Ekaterina Raykova-Merz

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